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    Mon May 14 11:02:05 2018

    Thats correct, they are named as "Phone 200" within asterisk. However i want to be able to change the names within FOP2 independently of what they are named within asterisk!

  2. Tue May 1 09:25:32 2018

    any thoughts?

  3. Wed Apr 25 10:57:34 2018
    Aragorn started the conversation FOP2 Label Updates - Disabling?.

    We run FOP2 on a FreePBX system.

    Within FreePBX, our extensions are simply labelled after their numbers eg "Phone 200".

    However within FOP2, we want to have them labelled after the actual operator eg "Joe Smith"

    If we type the names into the FOP2 Manager interface, they correctly update within FOP2, however as soon as we click the "Reload FOP" which appears at the top once changes have been made, it seems to revert back to the old names.

    Is there a way we can stop this updating happening? I dont want the user names within FreePBX itself, only in FOP2!

  4. 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 6 13:22:38 2016
    Aragorn posted in System Upgrade Issues.


    So i need to modify that script to stop it updating the names then, i think i can see the section at the end thats doing that.

    The FOP2 manager user has these permissions:

    read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config,command,dtmf,reporting,cdr,dialplan,originate
    write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config,command,dtmf,reporting,cdr,dialplan,originate

    Its the same user FreePBX itself is using.

    We are using Asterisk 11.4.0, however from what i've seen, if we force a reload thru freepbx, it DOES reload the FOP2 interface. Its only the buttons within the FOP2 Manager that dont work.

    I will try debug mode.

  5. Tue Sep 6 11:17:52 2016
    Aragorn posted in System Upgrade Issues.

    Thanks, we're getting somewhere now. With only the physical extensions in a Group called "office" that then hides the voicemail stuff from the main "Extensions" panel. With the Group setting inside the buttons i've now got it correctly showing the front and back designations.

    Just the reload issue to fix now. We have a plugin called "FOP2 Autoconfiguration Plugin" which as a setting which points at:
    /usr/bin/php -f /var/www/html/fop2/admin/update_conf.php

    I can manually run that command, and it reports no errors, but it doesnt actually reload anything. No changes appear in the panel until i manually do "service fop2 reload" at the command line.

    Furthermore, that script overwrites changes i've made within the manager. For instance if i go into the "Buttons" menu and input peoples names instead of "Phone 200", "Phone 201" etc, then when i run that script it puts all of the original names back.


  6. Mon Sep 5 11:13:41 2016
    Aragorn posted in System Upgrade Issues.

    Ok, further confusion.

    I've had a bit of time this morning, and i'm finding that changes i'm making are not being reflected in the panel.

    For instance i went thru and correctly tagged the buttons with the "group" i wanted them to show, however when i log into the panel, what i see is exactly as it was before, with two people in the "test" group and one person in "back office"

    I've somehow managed to get some users to only show the normal phones in the extensions group, but its unclear how i've managed this.

    Some further tinkering shows that if i manually restart FOP2 from the commandline (/etc/init.d/fop2 restart) then the changes are properly reflected. Pressing the reload button in the web interface however does nothing...

  7. Mon Sep 5 08:46:24 2016
    Aragorn posted in System Upgrade Issues.

    Ah ok, thanks for the update.

    If the "groups"/containers can only be set inside the buttons menu, how can i set which user sees which containers?

    IE i want a "Front Office" and a "Back Office" container, some people get to see both, and some people only get to see one or the other, while also hiding the large "Extensions" group.

    I've not yet had a chance to investigate the other issues. I will try to do that this week.

  8. Thu Sep 1 14:56:59 2016
    Aragorn posted in System Upgrade Issues.

    I will run the scripts you mention and check what the output is. I'm not near the system just now, but i might be able to RDP into the office tonight and check the output and maybe get some screenshots of whats happening.

    The groups are created just fine in the manager interface, and can be assigned to a user, but they do not show up when that user logs in, and it doesnt let me remove the "all extensions" or "all queues" view either, so when someone logs in they see all the extensions and the group isnt there. Even if in the interface a user has only the group checked, when they login they can still see both the queues and extensions lists, and the group isnt there. It also doesnt seem to respond to me removing permissions for the buttons along the top.

    Oddly, i found that if i went into "Buttons" and typed something (i used "test") into the "group" field for each button, then a group would then appear called "test" containing the buttons that i'd added "test" to, even though there was no group called test defined anywhere.

    I guess we should upgrade to the latest version of FOP2 anyway, but i'm not sure if that would cure the issue or if something else is causing it.


  9. Tue Aug 30 09:32:33 2016
    Aragorn started the conversation System Upgrade Issues.

    I'm having some problems with FOP2 after running some updates on our FreePBX system.

    We were originally running FreePBX 2.210.63 with FOP2 2.27, and were using the FOP2Admin plugin. Our system has around 900 virtual extensions which act as voicemail boxes, and around 20 physical extensions and around 20 queues. On the old system, the 20 physical extensions were split into two groups, which were then displayed within the FOP panel. A subset of the queues were also displayed.

    Last week we upgraded to FreePBX 3.211.63, and in the process had to remove the FOP2Admin plugin as it was causing issues with the upgrade procedure. Once up and running, i've installed the FOP2 Manager instead and tried to use that to configure things as they were before, but it doesnt seem to work properly.

    For example, one of our extensions "200" doesnt seem to accept a password. Regardless of what i type into the password box within the manager, it doesnt allow that user to log in.
    More critically however, it wont allow me to create the subset groups of extensions to display. It loads up showing all 900 extensions in a massive list, despite me having created two groups in the manager, and disabling "All extensions" from the users template which means its basically unusable.

    I'm wondering if theres some remnants of the old config from FOP2Admin still lurking around which is conflicting with what the new manager is trying to do?