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    Tue Apr 11 21:14:07 2017
    JaredBusch started the conversation Extremely slow log in with 2.31.08.

    New install of 2.31.08 on FreePBX 13 is almost impossible to log in to with Firefox. It just spins and spins. Eventually the login will pop up and I can log in, but if I miss seeing it (because I tab over to something else) it will disappear back to connecting and then finally say server unavailable.

    I have installed this on two different servers with the same result.

  2. 4 years ago
    Tue Aug 26 22:21:58 2014
    JaredBusch posted in Custom Parking lot not showing up.

    Have not had time to work on this yet, but I intend to. thank you for the response.

  3. 5 years ago
    Wed Aug 6 15:28:11 2014
    JaredBusch posted in Custom Parking lot not showing up.

    This is working great for my on site PBX.

    For my hosted PBX, i have 3 branch office reporting to it and 3 separate parking lots set up.


    The buttons work great, but as expected based on a previous comment you made, if I create a user with any group restrictions they will not see the custom button.

    Is there a way we can add this custom button to something so it will show up when groups are used?

    I don't care if all 3 parking lots are visible to all users, but I want to narrow down the extensions so the people in city a are not seeing the people in city b

  4. Tue Jul 29 22:39:35 2014

    Purchased over a week ago. Thought I registered it then. Went to set it up today. I apparently need a vacation.

  5. Tue Jul 29 21:15:07 2014
    JaredBusch started the conversation Odd behavior on new Elastix install.

    I am not seeing all of the extensions and none of the trunks or park or ring groups.
    This is with the first user created and permissions set to all.

    My other installation works fine and is shown in the bottom half of the screenshot.


  6. Thu Jul 17 21:18:48 2014
    JaredBusch posted in Custom Parking lot not showing up.

    Nailed it! I had to hide the defualt one because it showed me 2 buttons, but that was simple enough.


  7. Thu Jul 17 20:09:35 2014
    JaredBusch posted in Custom Parking lot not showing up.

    Nothing in it except this. The files are in /etc/asterisk/fop2. This was a default install from the Elasitx 2.4 add on screen.


  8. Thu Jul 17 16:09:28 2014
    JaredBusch posted in Custom Parking lot not showing up.


    The first screenshot you show is not from FOP but the Elastix Panel or something like that.

    Regarding your parking lot, your context uses the "parkinglot_lot2" context, as such, the button definition in fop2 should reflect that:

    context= (not sure here! if parkedcalls or parkinglot_lot2)

    Try it that way and see if you see parked calls.

    That first shot is the default FreePBX FOP that no one uses. Just showed that so you could see that the call WAS there.

    I created the buttons_custom.cfg you mentioned as noted in the end of my post using the correct context (it is parkinglot_lot2).
    That was the only thing in buttons_custom.cfg. If I need to do it some other way, let me know.

  9. Thu Jul 17 06:25:21 2014
    JaredBusch posted in Custom Parking lot not showing up.

    no luck yet. The built in old FOP shows the call in the parking slot, but FOP2 does not.


    Parking is not checked in the FreePBX interface.


    include => park-hints-custom
    ; This is how you would still use the automated parking if you choose
    ; Since we manually park, I have it disabled.
    exten => 700,1,Set(CHANNEL(parkinglot)=parkinglot_lot2)
    exten => 700,n,Set(_PARKINGLOT=parkinglot_lot2)
    exten => 700,n,Park()
    exten => 700,n,Hangup()
    exten => 701,hint,park:701@parkinglot_lot2
    exten => 702,hint,park:702@parkinglot_lot2
    exten => 703,hint,park:703@parkinglot_lot2
    exten => 704,hint,park:704@parkinglot_lot2
    exten => 705,hint,park:705@parkinglot_lot2
    exten => 706,hint,park:706@parkinglot_lot2
    exten => 707,hint,park:707@parkinglot_lot2
    exten => 708,hint,park:708@parkinglot_lot2
    exten => _70[12345678],1,Set(PARKINGEXTEN=${EXTEN})
    ;start state debugging info
    exten => _70[12345678],n,NoOP(Park in parkinglot: ${PARKINGEXTEN})
    exten => _70[12345678],n,NoOP(Checking for parking lot: park:${EXTEN}@parkinglot_lot2)
    exten => _70[12345678],n,NoOP(Parking Lot State: ${DEVICE_STATE(park:${EXTEN}@parkinglot_lot2)})
    ;end state debugging info
    ;IF YOU USE 4 DIGIT EXTENSIONS, SET extLeng=4  !!!!!!!!!
    exten => _70[12345678],n,set(extLeng=3)
    ;If the line is not in use, we park it.  Otherwise, we return the call to whomever transferred it
    exten => _70[12345678],n,GotoIf($[ ${DEVICE_STATE(park:${EXTEN}@parkinglot_lot2)} =NOT_INUSE ] ?PARK)
    ;Start Busy/non-park debugging for non park scenario
    exten => _70[12345678],n,NoOP(Park is INUSE: ${EXTEN})
    exten => _70[12345678],n,NoOP(Failed park: ${EXTEN}@parkinglot_lot2)
    exten => _70[12345678],n,NoOP(Transferer of Park: ${BLINDTRANSFER})
    ;Stop Busy/non-park debugging for non park scenario
    exten => _70[12345678],n,GotoIf($[ "${BLINDTRANSFER:4:${extLeng}}" = "" ] ?PICKUPPARK)
    exten => _70[12345678],n,NoOP(Transferred call, sending back to: ${BLINDTRANSFER:4:${extLeng}} )
    exten => _70[12345678],n,dial(local/${BLINDTRANSFER:4:${extLeng}}@from-internal,,tr)
    exten => _70[12345678],n,Hangup()
    exten => _70[12345678],n(PICKUPPARK),NoOP(This is an inside call, Pick up Park Extension: ${EXTEN})
    exten => _70[12345678],n(PICKUPPARK),ParkedCall(${EXTEN},parkinglot_lot2)
    exten => _70[12345678],n(PICKUPPARK),Hangup()
    ;Park The call
    exten => _70[12345678],n(PARK),Set(CHANNEL(parkinglot)=parkinglot_lot2)
    exten => _70[12345678],n(PARK),Set(_PARKINGLOT=parkinglot_lot2)
    exten => _70[12345678],n(PARK),Park(,,,,s)
    exten => _70[12345678],n(PARK),Hangup()
    ;This is for park retrieval
    exten => _**70[12345678],1,NoOP(PICK UP PARKED CALL!!!!!!!!!: ${EXTEN})
    exten => _**70[12345678],n,ParkedCall(${EXTEN:2},parkinglot_lot2)


    parkedcalltransfers = caller 
    parkedcallreparking = caller

    I created buttons_custom.cfg as I am not using groups. This is only being used by the operator and her backup at the moment. Do I need to include it in the fop2.cfg someplace?

  10. Wed Jul 16 21:35:06 2014
    JaredBusch posted in Custom Parking lot not showing up.

    I will look at it this evening and report back. thank you.

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