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    Wed Aug 9 14:31:42 2017
    nikriaz posted in Speed Dial Module.

    I also curious how to make a blind transfer to speed dial

  2. Wed Aug 9 11:55:00 2017
    nikriaz posted in CALLER ID Attended Transfer .

    I met the same problem. Did you find a solution?
    Looking on call flow that 'mauriciommagalhaes' explained, I do not understand how that can work at all (he said it works on softphones).

    When 9698 picks up the call from the 9699, it does not know yet that 9699 has intention to connect it to 71324XXXXX. For the 9698 it is like purely internal call from 9699. And CID cannot be changed during open session.

    To make it works it seems that in case of attended transfer, the CID should be substituted before the call. It seems it can be done by FOP2, doesn't it?

  3. Wed Aug 2 12:45:45 2017
    nikriaz started the conversation Better way to organize large transfer target list.

    Hi friends.

    We use FOP2 for a while and primarily for call transfers.
    The list of targets growths and growths.
    So far we employ two ways to organize destinations: virtual extensions in Asterisk and Speed Dial FOP2 plug-in.

    First one covers too much space on the screen (just like regular extensions) and time-consuming to handle and set-up.
    Latter one just gives me long plain list, I can't see the way how to group numbers and/or selectively expand/hide such groups.

    Any suggestions for the better way to organize extensive destinations lists to forward?

  4. 4 years ago
    Thu May 21 15:05:20 2015

    That was absolutely fabulous. Thank you!!!

  5. Thu May 21 09:02:20 2015

    Sorry, missed your kind answer due to time zone shift. Will try to reach you out today. I appreciate your help!

  6. Wed May 20 15:06:50 2015

    Wow, it was really cool advice. Just in case, Java Console could be opened in Chrome via Shift+Ctrl+J
    Could you look into???

    So, I have following errors:

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
    fail fop2-variables, default to port 4445 wit no TLS
    antes de preinit fail fop2variables
    pre init
    Client has HTML5 web sockets!
    intento conectar web socket en wss://my.server:4445
    set session context

    ---- Now following connection attempts, counts of 11---

    WebSocket connection to 'wss://my.server:4445/' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_TIMED_OUT
    WebSocket Error
    could not connect via wss, attempt ws

    ---- Now following connection attempts, counts of 5 ---

    intento conectar web socket en ws://my.server:4445
    Mixed Content: The page at 'https://my.server/fop2/?exten=1200&pass=xxxx' was loaded over HTTPS, but attempted to connect to the insecure WebSocket endpoint 'ws://my.server:4445/'. This request has been blocked; this endpoint must be available over WSS.
    WebSocket Error
    could not connect via ws, attempt flash xmlsockets

    ---- Now following connection attempts, counts of 10 ---

    embed flash
    Attempt flash xmlsocket connection on port 4445
    Connection successful flash xmlsockets general

    -- Now there are a lot of stuff and ---

    GET https://my.server/fop2/fop2-variablesGENERAL.txt 404 (Not Found)
    fail fop2-variables, default to port 4445 wit no TLS
    antes de preinit fail fop2variables
    pre init
    Client has HTML5 web sockets!
    intento conectar web socket en wss://my.server:4445
    set session context

  7. Wed May 20 12:28:09 2015

    In Chrome I have also unusual "shield" sign on the right hand side from address bar.
    It says "this page attempts to load unsecured scripts" If I click "load unsecured scripts" it triggers long reconncetion cycle. Could it say something?

  8. Wed May 20 12:12:43 2015

    Hello, thank you for the great answer.
    Well, I re-intsalled FOP2 step-by-step from your site so not sure if something left from Elastix.

    In /etc/sysconfig/fop2 I have only OPTIONS="-d"
    In /etc/asterisk/fop2 I have nothing
    In /usr/local/fop2 I have normal fop2.cfg; both strings are in place.
    I double checked; both certificates are in place.

    We have Certificate Server (from Microsoft) in our environment so I issued and installed certificates.
    It seems they work in Elastix. The only issue that my certificate chain doesn't have intermediate server and I don't have published CRL. Both Chrome and Firefox consider this as unsecure but skip usual additional clicks to open "unsecure" sites.

    Any chance to check if my certificates are okey for FOP2? In some Microsoft products. lack of CRL is an issue.
    Could you advice, why I can't connect over HTTP at all?

  9. Wed May 20 06:04:29 2015
    nikriaz started the conversation Slow and unstable connection to panel.

    Hello, I'm struggling with slow connection to the Panel. When I try to connect I get "Connecting to server, attempt number : ...1" and good if I will connect over 20-30 counts. Eventually, connect will happen but become unstable. Clicking on any button may cause re-connection again (but may be not).

    What is even more strange, Panel has tend to be "warming up". If I more often manually re-connect to panel and more frequent clicking on buttons, panel becomes more responsive and stable...

    I run Elastix 2.4 and recently upgraded to FOP2 2.29 latest but this problem has been persistent all way down to Elastix 2.4 and FOP2 2.0. At the very initial stage it worked well but then something happened.
    FOP1 worked just fine.

    I carefully reviewed all related posts:

    • port 4445 is open and listening
    • FOP1 is disabled
    • Firewall (iptables) switched off
    • excessive events in manager.conf fired off
    • workstation is connected to the server over direct Ethernet cable (only switch between, no active devices)
    • same problem in Chrome and Firefox
    • I use HTTPS, probably because it's default for Elastix I don't know how to bypass HTTPS and connect via HTTP, it simply doesn't work.
    • Chrome extension seems work smooth

    Any ideas?

  10. Tue May 19 15:47:10 2015
    nikriaz joined the forum.