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    Mon Jun 6 19:21:34 2016
    kelmore posted in Lot of refresh on screen Fop .

    Maybe you are having page refresh issues like me? I haven't found the reason yet.

  2. Mon May 23 16:26:08 2016
    kelmore started the conversation Queue Stats and 'picking' calls from queue.

    Some of the agents here are not full-time queue people, but rather just pick and choose calls from the queue when it is busy or if they recognize the person ( or choose calls to avoid a particular person!).

    However, these calls that are 'picked' from the queue don't seem to be included in the Queue Stats count. Could queue calls handled in this way be counted as well, and easily changed?

  3. Fri May 13 14:51:00 2016

    We followed this post, but it seems our file is already including the fix you proposed for another customer, so the dummy must be coming from somewhere else.

    that's where I found it.
    It's in /etc/asterisk/extensions_override_fop2.conf
    exten => dummy,1,Answer
    exten => dummy,n,Wait(1)
    exten => dummy,n,NoCDR()
    exten => dummy,n,Hangup

    I also commented out #push @allreturn, $return; in in the LEAVE section. Will see if that resolves it. Sorry to make so many posts! This helps me keep track of what I tried and when haha

  4. Fri May 13 14:31:39 2016

    Additionally, we are seeing outbound calls show up as dummy when the call history is not showing recent calls.

  5. Fri May 13 14:27:56 2016

    We needed to custom edit the call detail records for PJSIP. Since a recent upgrade, the call history has not been working right (in both the plugin button and the popup). Sometimes it correctly shows call history, other times, it seems to show only calls that happened before the upgrade happened (14 days ago in this case). I can't get to the bottom of it. I recreated the query from plugings/callhistory/callhistorybsgrid.php for this particular extension, and all of the recent calls pull up fine from the query. But currently, the plugin button is not showing the same data.

    SELECT calldate,concat(IF(dst='".6603."' OR dstchannel LIKE 'PJSIP/6603-________' ,src,dst),'!',clid) as number,duration,disposition,uniqueid FROM cdr WHERE (src='6603' OR channel LIKE 'PJSIP/6603-________') order by calldate desc limit 50;

  6. Thu May 12 23:43:32 2016

    The new feature that was added recently to the queues panel shows a small popup with agent information (like calls and penalty) when you hover the mouse over the *name* of the queue member, but not the pause icon. Since the pause icon has the pop-up hover capability in the extension panel , I thought it might make sense to have it here too.

  7. Thu May 12 23:01:17 2016

    Thanks for adding this feature. Since its not possible to consistently map a queue member with an extension, I suppose it's impossible to show the caller Id of whom the queue member is talking to?

    This is extremely minor but I mention it only for consistency...Is it possible to add the pop-up text to the button, so it's consistent with the way the other pause icon pop-ups work in the extension buttons?

  8. Thu May 12 01:43:06 2016

    We are not. I had read it keeps the agents logged in all the time and just figured we wouldnt use it quite yet until we had everything else working 100%

  9. Wed May 11 22:33:07 2016

    BTW I renamed the forum thread to be more specific.

    Also, since this is similarly related, why does the login page refresh itself automatically? It seems every 30 seconds.
    Google Chrome saves our extension and password in the fields, but after 30 seconds, the page refreshes and says "Invalid Credentials"

  10. Wed May 11 22:18:54 2016

    To be specific, this isn't really a logging out, it seems to me that FOP2 is refreshing itself automatically. I am using the google chrome browser with the DevTools open. I set the option for Preserve Log. I also turned on the Javascript Debug option in FOP2 Manager. I am seeing the line:
    "Navigated to http://***.com/" randomly throughout the day on multiple clients machines. When clicking back to the FOP2 tab, they are still logged into their queues, but are presented with the Queue Login Pop-up window.

    I've captured this from the console as well:
    VM34896:1 setLang
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.226 VM34896:1 setvar set session language
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.226 VM34896:1 setvar return msg no key set
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.237 VM34896:1 0,incorrect=0 en slot
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.237 VM34896:1 show sec box
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.237 VM34896:1 limpia todo
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.238 VM34896:1 termine de limpiar
    2016-05-11 17:58:42.177 VM34896:1 ws send <msg data="1|ping||" />
    2016-05-11 17:58:42.178 VM34896:1 envio ping 2
    2016-05-11 17:58:44.834 VM34896:1 m.Event {originalEvent: BeforeUnloadEvent, type: "beforeunload", timeStamp: 256329.44000000003, jQuery11130992345903957262: true, which: undefined…}
    2016-05-11 17:58:44.896 Navigated to
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.174 jquery-1.11.3.min.js:5 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check .
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.248 VM35221:1 show lines 2
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.308 VM35221:1 antes de tinyblock init
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.310 VM35221:1 despues de tinyblock init
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.311 VM35221:1 add event listener on player2! undefined
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.311 VM35221:1 add event listener on player2! undefined

    I'm really curious what the m.Event line means, as it is the last thing befor ethe page reloading.
    Maybe it is related to the other post:


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