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  1. 2 years ago
    Fri May 19 23:52:36 2017

    After upgrading to 2.31.09, I can no longer login to the Fop2 Manager page. I am using the default creds of fop2admin/fop2admin, but when I try them now, I get an "Invalid Credentials" error on screen.
    Everything otherwise seemed to go smoothly and I didn't notice the problem at first, but now I've done it on 3 systems (two coming from 2.31.08 and one was 2.31.04 I believe), and it's the same on each of them.
    I am not using FreePBX and my /var/www/html/fop2/admin/config.php was and still is set as follows:

    // If FreePBX is installed, use its database auth system by default
    // To set up usernames and passwords
    // User/Pass to Log into FOP2Manager. If we detect a FreePBX session
    // or a fop2 sessions with the "manager" permission, the authentication
    // will be asumed as ok.
    $ADMINUSER = "fop2admin";
    $ADMINPWD  = "fop2admin";

    Any ideas for me?

  2. Sat Jan 7 00:16:53 2017

    OK, thanks. It does appear to be pretty random so far, so I'll try and keep an eye out for odd events.

  3. Fri Jan 6 17:13:57 2017

    As always, thanks!

  4. Thu Jan 5 23:02:00 2017
    Jeremy started the conversation Agent timer erroneously listed in queue buttons.

    I am using FOP2 2.31.06 against Asterisk 13. It is working great, but I notice that after running for a while, certain queue members show a time counter in the queue button, as shown in the below screenshot. These times don't match up to actual call times and I don't know where they are coming from. They aren't really harmful, but they are erratic and didn't use to show up on [much] earlier versions.

    Any ideas what might be causing it or what I can check?


  5. Thu Jan 5 22:52:02 2017

    So I am using FOP 2.31.06 and and have created several queue groups with custom names for each. These work great, but I am left with a residual empty "Queues" group as well. There is no reference to a group called "Queues" and all queues do have a custom group specified.

    Is there a way to remove this?


  6. Fri Dec 30 22:46:47 2016

    This is a really nice feature. Thanks again.

  7. 3 years ago
    Wed Jun 29 19:30:13 2016

    I see the following in the 2.21.02 release notes...

    Fri Jun 10 20:19:55 2016 -0300 
    Add support for grouping queues in FOP2 server, client and manager

    So does this mean 2.31.02 can now group Queues buttons like it can for Extension buttons?

  8. Fri Jun 3 16:34:35 2016

    Is similar functionality available for Queue buttons? I tried specifying a group for them, but no luck.

  9. Sat May 28 20:35:16 2016

    That's exactly what I was looking for. Works like a charm.
    Thank you.

  10. Sat May 28 06:51:35 2016

    What about by editing the buttons.cfg file directly? Is there a way?
    The buttons tab doesn't show in the admin panel doesn't show me anything. Not sure why. Maybe because I am not using mysql?

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