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    Fri Apr 7 15:58:26 2017
    FreeSoftwareServers posted in Idle Timer not working.

    So I was able to call in and get help, not sure what was done, but it seems to be working! It was great to get help from a real person, thank you!

    A side note: Idle Timer won't show w/ Dynamic Display

    Only issue is we seem to have to refresh the webpage after somebody doesn't answer a call, the idle timer disappears, but its working, it shows correctly after refreshing page.

  2. Tue Apr 4 18:15:20 2017
    FreeSoftwareServers posted in Idle Timer not working.

    Bump, just had a complaint from a lead at my work, we would like this feature back, good way to track productivity. Does anybody have an idea on how to debug this?

  3. Thu Mar 30 12:30:34 2017
    FreeSoftwareServers posted in Idle Timer not working.

    Bump, still haven't heard anything, no ideas?

  4. Thu Mar 23 14:24:13 2017
    FreeSoftwareServers posted in Idle Timer not working.

    Anybody have any advice on how to troubleshoot this problem?

  5. Sat Mar 18 17:04:36 2017
    FreeSoftwareServers started the conversation Idle Timer not working.


    I recently upgraded/re-built our VoIP server. We are now running FreePBX Distro 6, but the idle timer isn't working anymore.

    [root@voip1 ~]# cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version
    [root@voip1 ~]#
    [root@voip1 ~]# /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --test
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Valid License (/usr/local/fop2/fop2.lic)
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Featureset: Voicemail Explorer & IM Chat
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Allowed Tenants: 5
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Licensed Plugin: idletimer
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Licensed Plugin: queuestats
    Connection to manager OK!

    In /fop2/admin

    FOP2 Server Status: OK - Version: 2.31.08

    I also attached a screen shot for the idle timer install which shows its installed and globally enabled.

    Can you point me how to debug this more? I'm not sure what to do at this point, everything else seems to run correctly.

  6. Sun Feb 12 17:32:07 2017
    FreeSoftwareServers started the conversation FOP2 Queues Empty after Reboot.

    Good Afternoon!

    Yesterday I rebooted our phone system only to find no members in the Queues! They had to be manually added via clicking each name, this gets cumbersome as we have members in multiple queues.

    We are currently using FreePBX 12 + Asterisk 11 + the Latest FOP2 on FreePBX Distro 6 just FYI.

    2 Questions:

    Is there a way to load all the queues from a csv file on the command line, and is there a way to export all the queue's after we manually create them into a CSV, or would I need to create the CSV by hand?

    More Importantly, why did this happen and how can I stop it from happening? Creating the queue's via clicking isn't the end of the world if it only needs to be done once upon setup, but each reboot is no good.

    PS: We use Device and User mode. Our Queue's are empty in FreePBX, we build them strictly in FOP2 so that users can be removed/added in FOP2 via clicking.

  7. Tue Jan 24 00:55:40 2017
    FreeSoftwareServers posted in Should Queue's be made in FreePBX or FOP2?.

    After moving forward in deployment, it was brought to my attention, the entire reason we do this is so that our "non-techie" leads can remove/add people from queue's w/o accessing FreePBX web-ui. We purposely don't build them in FreePBX, but nobody ever understood the errors in FreePBX until I did the Tarball migration to a new server and I basically figured it out. It is nice to know its "expected" from the makers of FOP, as always thanks for your guidance.

    Only downside is I have to click each name and add them to queue, I don't want to mess with DB's since I know I can do it via click. BUT, It would be nice if FOP had its own mechanism to export/import queue's. (I would love a just "export everything" setting :P) Regardless, as long as I know 1 way to move forward, I'm happy, I'm dealing with not a "huge" amount of extensions/queue's.

  8. Wed Jan 11 19:43:27 2017
    FreeSoftwareServers started the conversation Should Queue's be made in FreePBX or FOP2?.

    I'm migrating our servers, and I noticed the way we have it setup now is that our queue's are Empty in FreePBX, and we add users to Queue's in FOP2.

    When I migrate the configs, our queue's become empty and I have 2 options:

    Build them in FreePBX, then they show up in FOP2
    Add the users to there respective Queue's in FOP2

    Neither are very hard, we don't have too many employee's, what I'm more concerned about is, which method would be the "proper" method?

    Note: We do have warnings in FreePBX that I'm wondering might be solved by making Queue's in FreePBX, but part of me wonders if it was setup this way on purpose (it was setup a long time ago, so I can't ask that person).

    EG: (This is a warning in our FreePBX)

    Queue: Sales 2 (612)
    Queue: VIP Support 1 (613)

    Note: We do use Device and User Mode + We have custom Pop_Ups in FOP2 in checkdir.php. Not sure if this effect what I'm talking about, but thought I'd mention it.

    I've tried both methods, and both seem to work, just looking for some advice!


  9. Tue Jan 10 02:36:16 2017

    I followed my notes on a brand new setup @ home w/ SNG7 + CentOS 6/FOP2 and it gave same error, disabled SELINUX and it worked :), thanks! Now on locking it down correctly , AKA IPTables + SELinux, I chose CentOS 6 because you Rec it in the guide, but I prefer CentOS 7.

    Any chance you have a guide/ or the Commands to allow SELinux/IPTABLES/FirewallD for this setup? If not, it will be a good chance for me to learn a bit about SELinux and firewalls anyway, but if you have a writeup, I'd save the time for now :). This makes me very happy, thanks! Hopefully won't be bugging you for a while now, once I get it setup in its own VM, it won't be bothered when I mess with the PBX system. (Which will be a lot in the future, going from FreePBX 2.9/Ast 1.8 CentOS 5 >> SNG7 FreePBX 14/Ast ?? Hopefully is the plan!)

  10. Tue Jan 10 01:16:39 2017

    I'd really like some help with this, I'm going to fire up a Brand new Setup to test w/ instead of testing on a server w/ a bunch of configs from old setups.

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