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    Mon Mar 6 07:17:10 2017
    AlexRS posted in Automatic queue login logout.

    I dont remember, try to set debug in asterisk and check logs. Or check queue.log.

  2. Fri Mar 3 12:05:36 2017

    If I get you right, try to search it in fop2.conf. I think, it was somewhere there)

  3. Fri Mar 3 12:01:22 2017
    AlexRS posted in Call Center Stats Blank.

    Firstly, ps -ax | grep sql. Then, if you havnt phpMyAdmin, try to connect to mysql by
    [code]mysql --user= -p --host= [database][/code]
    (fill user, host and add database from you conf) and make some selects.

    PS. may be more easy is enable debug in config.php and add printrscreen to the top..
    Sorry for my English=)

  4. Thu Mar 2 10:53:50 2017
    AlexRS posted in Call Center Stats Blank.

    Hi! Did you check you sql database?

  5. Sat Feb 25 14:49:41 2017
    AlexRS posted in Chat Not work.

    Hi, but Im not admin=) Do you have chat-broadcast permissionsfor the user?

  6. Sat Feb 25 09:06:52 2017

    Do you have 4445 port opened in firewall?

  7. Fri Feb 17 14:58:58 2017
    AlexRS posted in cdr trunk date scale.

    I think, I found the root of the problem. Its timezone setting. If I set America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires in php.ini and UTC-3 on PC, all works fine. So, may be you had hardcoded timezone? Try to change timezone on you PC and php.ini and you will see the problem.

  8. Fri Feb 17 06:56:55 2017
    AlexRS posted in asternic cdr.


  9. Fri Feb 17 06:55:20 2017
    AlexRS posted in transfer + queue status.

    It was supervised transfer. The strange - operator becoming green with speaking timer after pressing 'transfer' button...

  10. Tue Feb 14 06:18:44 2017
    AlexRS posted in VMware changed the MAC.

    Did you tried find old mac-addres from logs and restore it on VMWare NIC?

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