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    Tue Feb 14 06:15:47 2017

    FOP2 adds members dynamically. You can add dynamic members by AddQueueMember() from dialplan directly or by 'astpbx*CLI> queue add member' in CLI. FOP2 uses the same method. After rebooting your VoIP server, asterisk will reset all dynamically added members. So, its not FOP2 deal.
    persistentmembers=yes in queues.conf can help, but if only asterisk will be rebooted.

    PS. sorry for English, I tried=)

  2. Tue Feb 14 06:04:40 2017
    AlexRS posted in asternic cdr.


  3. Thu Feb 2 15:12:40 2017

    If you use asterisk, you can add permanent members in queues.conf. There is examples at the bottom of the conf. As I know, FOP2 cant add members statically, it must be done on asterisk side.

  4. Thu Feb 2 06:44:50 2017

    Admin is on a vacations=)

    If you want somebody else to help you, explain by english, please)

  5. Wed Feb 1 17:09:27 2017

    @admin, may be you will fix this? I think its better to see who is on asterisk side of trunk.

  6. Wed Feb 1 13:11:32 2017

    In my case I see callerID on trunk. If I restart FOP2 or set poll_interval=2, I see who is answer a call. For me second is better, but it loads asterisk.

  7. Wed Feb 1 12:03:28 2017
    AlexRS started the conversation transfer + queue status.

    Hi! There is little issue with transfer and status in queue. When operator make transfer, his status in queue becomes green with timer. If nobody answer call, the call is returning back to operator. After this, operator may continue speaking, but his status is still green with timer. But he is busy.

  8. Wed Feb 1 07:01:36 2017

    Apparently, problem was in macro + 's' in dialplan

    exten => s,1....

    it solve some problems. but not all

  9. Wed Feb 1 06:06:49 2017

    Check yours sip.conf. As I know, FOP2 parse sip.conf and check extension parameteres. Will it bee trunk or extension depends on it.. But I could be wrong, as I used buttons.conf for it

  10. Tue Jan 31 13:28:18 2017
    AlexRS posted in asternic cdr.

    Thank you! Please post when you will fix it.
    I today sended new lang file to you. Check you e-mail

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