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  1. 2 years ago
    Fri Jan 20 19:12:26 2017
    gbaughma started the conversation Presence change reflected on phones?.

    Using the Presence Change addin works great! It's a great way for our switchboard to know if someone is out sick, out to lunch, etc.
    Question though.... is there a way to put the extension itself on DND when any presence besides "Available" is selected?
    Changing the presence at the switchboard works fine, but the change isn't reflected on the phone.
    We're using Xorcom CompletePBX (Asterisk)

  2. Fri Jan 20 19:07:07 2017
    gbaughma posted in Sorting groups.

    I'm using version 2.31.06 64-bit version.
    If we lock the extension widgets, they won't expand/collapse, or the heights get all messed up.

  3. Fri Jan 20 14:02:53 2017
    gbaughma started the conversation SMS Sending from context menu?.

    We have a bunch of Yealink T46G phones. Our Asterisk system (Xorcom) is set to do SMS messaging between phones. SMS messages don't go outside of the system.

    Is there a plugin that would allow our switchboard to send SMS messages to phones from within FOP2? It would be a great add-in, allowing the switchboard to send a simple message like "You have a package up front". I can send SMS from phone to phone, this functionality in FOP2 would be awesome.

  4. Fri Jan 20 13:24:52 2017
    gbaughma started the conversation Sorting groups.

    We have about 130 extensions on FOP2. They are in groups, such as "Accounting" and "IT".
    There are also queues for Accounting and IT, and FOP2 does a great job when you touch the queue of showing only the group.
    However, the group order changes. The switchboard likes to have the groups in a certain order, those groups that get the most calls at the top. If I touch the queue though, it hides the other groups (which is fine) and shows the group for that queue (which is fine), but when you touch the queue again to un-select it, the groups get re-ordered.

    How can I keep the groups from getting randomly re-ordered, and stay in the order that the switchboard has put them in, regardless of the queue filtering?

  5. Thu Jan 19 21:17:55 2017
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