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    Wed May 19 19:05:17 2010
    lweidig posted in Privacy Options.

    Thank you for the quick reply, will look into that further. Really like the FreePBX addon and hope that it continues to be developed/enhanced to support all of the functionality! Very nice job with the program!

  2. Wed May 19 13:48:23 2010
    lweidig started the conversation Privacy Options.

    We have a setup where there are a number of support people and then administration. We would like to setup so that the support people can see who is online from both groups, but they should not be able to see the caller ID information for calls that the administration group is on. This works, BUT now the administration group cannot see the caller ID either. This even effects your extension when logged in (ie. Extension 500 cannot see caller ID for extension 500).

    Is there a way to resolve this issue and if not, can this be submitted as a feature request going forward. Thanks!

  3. Thu May 6 21:37:49 2010
    lweidig started the conversation Perl Callbacks.

    I see that this is mentioned in the release notes for the newest version. I however cannot find any documentation on how this is implemented or used. We would like to be able to create additional "functions" on an extension and hope this will allow for that.