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    Wed Jun 20 05:19:22 2018

    Is it possible to automatically generate a fop2 group for each queue, and put the queue members in it?

    I'm using Freepbx 14 and my supervisors only want to see the the extensions for the users in the queues that they monitor. Thus far, they've been adding the Groups manually for each queue, and putting in each agent, then changing their permissions to only see the groups they want. It works, but doing it manually seems wasteful.

    My agents are dynamic queue members, so they don't get stored in the database. However, I have my own custom Freepbx module, so I've used those hooks to do similar things before, using FreePBX's built in functions. The problem is, I'm getting a little lost as far as the database architecture in FOP2 regarding Groups. If you can tell me what tables I need to insert what information into, I can probably figure the rest out myself. Or if you want to create a script that does it for me, that would be awesome too ;).


  2. 8 years ago
    Wed Mar 16 19:58:01 2011

    Wouldn't it make sense to filter based on extension number not name? Obviously you can't have a duplicate extension in asterisk, so that would solve the problem regardless of asterisk version.

  3. Wed Mar 16 03:33:03 2011

    I'm talking about when you click on a queue and the agents who are in the queue are supposed to be the only ones on the screen. Sounds like the extension filter based on your description. If you are aware of the issue how come nothing has been done? If I want to only view members of one queue at a time I should not have to also see anyone with a matching name. That doesn't make sense. Why would you implement such a flawed feature?

  4. Wed Mar 9 03:04:03 2011
    nate55 started the conversation BUG: FOP2 Dynamic Agents with Same Name.


    Theres a bug in FOP2 for dynamic agents. If you have multiple dynamic agents with the same name(Display name/CID NAME) and one of them is added to a queue using ADDQUEUEMEMBER, all of them appear in that queue under FOP2. Only the one that was actually added is green but the others appear there shaded gray. The calls are routed fine, and asterisk knows who's actually logged into the queue, FOP2 is just displaying the information incorrectly.


  5. Fri Dec 31 20:04:42 2010
    nate55 started the conversation Queue Displaying Non-Queue Members.

    One of my Queues is displaying a number of non-Queue extensions when selected. I tried recreating the queue and modifying the agents in the queue, but it is still showing non-Queue extensions. It only happens in my large queue (55 static Agents). I have run in debug mode and FOP2 receives the correct information from the AMI, but still the display is wrong.