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  1. 6 months ago
    Thu Jan 24 13:09:20 2019

    We found the mice of the failure to communicate pbx-fop2. The problem was a plughin installed that conflicted. Eliminated the plughin everything started to work again

  2. Mon Jan 21 16:07:58 2019

    any suggestions?

  3. Sun Jan 20 16:39:34 2019
    Cricchetto started the conversation Fop 2.31.21 and PBX do not communicate (solved).

    I use version 12 of freepbx and I can not change version. Unfortunately, the Fop 2.31.21 does not communicate the data and does not allow me to see the conference participants. In other machines I manage, the system works very well. Can I uninstall the Fop 2.31.21 and put a different version that works with the PBX 12?

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    Sat Dec 15 17:22:44 2018
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