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    Wed Aug 12 08:02:12 2015

    It is the impossibility of relating to the architectural features of the program?
    Or if there is someone who will be able to change the program that it will work?
    What changes in the transition FreePBX mode devices and users because of what Asternic CDR Reports stops working?

  2. Mon Aug 10 12:20:28 2015

    I'm use FreePBX Distro in Device & User mode with FOP2 ver. 2.29.
    All work fine, active only logged users.


  3. Mon Aug 10 12:09:11 2015


    I have a small question about Asternic CDR reports.
    After i'm change FreePBX to Device & User mode Asternic CDR reports stop show stats.
    Anybody can help me with this problem?
    On index page i'm see my extensions, when click Generate report i'm get page without stats (0 calls).
    Google found only questions, without answers.

    Be advised that the reports do not yet work in Device & User mode.

    I have installed Asternics CDR Reports but it cant see the number of calls per user.

    Sorry for misplaced question.

  4. Sat Jan 17 22:28:24 2015

    @admin The future version will use just "spy" for both actions.

    Pls change documentation, now:

    Required permission: whisper

    change to:

    Required permission: whisper (spy from version 2.2x)

  5. Fri Jan 16 08:28:56 2015

    Anybody test this patch with current FOP2 (2.28)?

  6. Thu Jan 15 11:31:27 2015

    It's me again :-)

    One more solution for centralized phonebook managament for Yealink and Grandstream phones

    You can get code from this project for generate Grandstream and Yealink phonebook format.
    Source data - FOP2 phonebook.

  7. Thu Jan 15 08:28:30 2015

    Additional info:

    XML Based Downloadable Phone Book Guide Grandstream GXP21xx/GXP14xx/GXP116x IP Phone

    Script for generate Grandstream phonebook.xml from /etc/asterisk/sip*.conf files

    echo | sed -n '/callerid\=/p' /etc/asterisk/sip*.conf| sed s'/callerid\=//'g | sed s'/</ /'g | sed s'/>//'g | sed s'/;//'g >> tmp.file
    spisok=(`cat tmp.file`)
    echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>' >> $book
    echo "<AddressBook>" >> $book
    while [ ${spisok[a]} ];do
    cat <<EOF >>$book
    a=`expr $a + 3`
    b=`expr $b + 3`
    c=`expr $c + 3`
    echo "</AddressBook>" >>$book
    cp phonebook.xml /var/www/
    rm tmp.file
  8. Wed Jan 14 22:57:34 2015

    I'm found solution for Cisco and Yealink phones.
    Anybody, who can modify this solution for Grandstream (and other) phones?

    To wish list.
    Many IP-phones can download phonebook from server.
    Pls add to FOP2 distributive additional script for generate phonebook in format.

  9. Tue Jan 13 11:50:31 2015
    SolarW posted in Chrome extension charset.

    Chrome extension 1.0.8 - Russian character on buttons looks good, problem solved.
    Tnx Nicolas.

  10. Thu Jan 8 10:41:30 2015
    SolarW posted in Chrome extension charset.

    Confirm this error - wrong charset on button in chrome extension.
    Pls fix this error.

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