Correct permissions for listen and whisper

  1. 7 years ago

    I have just installed the latest FOP2 (2.25) and the FOP2 FreePBX module(1.2.10) licensed versions. I cannot get the Listen and Whisper button to display on the action bar. By adding the Spy permission I get the listen button but I have to add the ALL permission to get whisper.

    As a secondary question, is there a way to assign some permissions to certain buttons and different permissions to other buttons? For instance, I have a call center manager I would like to have listen and whisper to the call center buttons but only minor permissions to other buttons.

    Third, is there a way to assign permissions quickly in bulk to many FOP users and to change them in bulk?


  2. admin

    12 Mar 2012 Administrator

    You can add the "whisper" permission manually in your fop2 users page. The whisper will be deprecated, next versions will require only spy for both actions. Thanks for the pointer.

  3. So you are saying to just type in the word "whisper" in the user permissions?

    How will we differentiate the whisper permission in future versions?

  4. admin

    12 Mar 2012 Administrator

    Yes, just type "whisper" in the permissions box. The future version will use just "spy" for both actions.

  5. 5 years ago

    Regarding deprecating the granular permission behavior of spy: listen vs listen+whisper. Is there any technical limitation/reason that this was changed? Any chance of getting the old behavior back?

  6. 4 years ago

    @admin The future version will use just "spy" for both actions.

    Pls change documentation, now:

    Required permission: whisper

    change to:

    Required permission: whisper (spy from version 2.2x)

  7. admin

    20 Jan 2015 Administrator

    Fixed, thanks for the pointer.

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