User logOFF/ON (*11/*12) does not update status (solved)

  1. 9 years ago

    After logon (using *11 in FreePBX) buttons are not updated.

    If I however restart the fop2 service again, it will show correct state.

    Same happens when a user loggoff (with *12), I need to restart fop2 service to show correct state.

    Tried 'service fop2 reload', but -HUP signal does not solve this either.

    As of now using we use a crontab entry like :

    # For some reasons fop2 does not detect change in user logon/logoff
    0,15,30,45  * * * * /sbin/service fop2 restart

    But this is not very nice.

    I am using Asterisk

  2. admin

    4 Oct 2009 Administrator

    Hi Eirik,

    Are you using trixbox? You need to add a special permission to the asterisk manager user, I believe the permission is named "hud", or you can add the "all" permission too (in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf). If you are not using trixbox, then it seems like a fop2 bug. In that case try to catch me online so I can work on the fix before releasing the next version.

    Best regards,

  3. Edited 4 years ago by admin

    I am using FreePBX 2.6.0.RC2.1.

    I will try to catch up online.

    I did try to bypass the problem by restarting fop2 after each user login/out with

    system("/usr/bin/sudo /sbin/service fop2 restart", $retval);

    inside a modified version of user_login_out.agi, but this cause some other problem with sudo and access rigts after restart of service, and is very ugly..

    Is there any particular debug info I can give you ? What state messages or hints are you relying on from Asterisk to set the fop2 states ?

    When is the next released planned ?

  4. Edited 4 years ago by admin

    After your advice, looking for ' UserDeviceAdded', in 'user_login_out.agi' fop2 seems to be OK.

    This is what shows up on telnet to port:

    Event: UserEvent
    Privilege: user,all
    UserEvent: UserDeviceRemoved|Data: 378

    This is not correct as the UserEvent with data passed is all merged into one string. I guess this is the reason why why your fop2 event parser does not capture this. You might want to make your parser also to support this odd string.

    Code in ' 'user_login_out.agi'' is

    agi->exec("UserEvent", "\"UserDeviceRemoved|Data: {$current_user},{$device}\"");

    Note that pipe '|'. Asterisk seems to have broken handling of pipe '|' as delimiter. Using ',' as delimiter soved it. So this will work:

    // $agi->exec("UserEvent", "\"UserDeviceAdded|Data: {$user},{$device}\"");
        $agi->exec("UserEvent", "\"UserDeviceAdded,Data: {$user},{$device}\"");

    and ...

    $agi->exec("UserEvent", "\"UserDeviceRemoved,Data: {$current_user},{$device}\"");

    Thank you for your support yesterday, it helped me in the right direction.

    I will perform some more stress testing to verify, but for now this fixed my problems.

  5. admin

    10 Oct 2009 Administrator

    Hi Eirik,

    Great you've found the root of the problem! It seems to be a FreePBX bug, it would be good to submit a patch there. I do not think it would be wise to polute fop code with workaround for bugs. It makes it hard to mantain and also less efficient. This is clearly a bug in the .agi due to Asterisk 1.6 delimiter change behaviour.

    Best regards,

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