Turn extension button red while ringing

  1. 5 years ago

    Hello. A customer asked me if it's possible to make the extension button red while it's ringing, to make it easier to tell when an extension is ringing.

    Is it possible? I fiddled with presence.js and operator.css to no avail.

  2. admin

    23 Jun 2013 Administrator

    It is not possible to do it just by manipulating CSS as you want to target a parent element. It could be possible to do it using jcallback.js and adding the "state" proper function/method to jCallBack(), but it will be surely complicated to do, as state is an "additive" property, where you can have a busy+ringing, free+ringing, etc.

  3. 4 years ago

    I have a customer with 85 extensions and they are begging me for this feature; I suspect that they would be willing to pay a bounty for that additional functionality

  4. admin

    14 Apr 2015 Administrator

    Hi, contact me via the live help at www.fop2.com and I can tell you how to sponsor a plugin development that will trigger that behaviour. Basically you can pay for development time, there are options at the bottom of www.fop2.com/buy.php . A simple plugin might take one hour , more complex plugins a little bit more. Changing a button css based on ringing state is a simple addition. Best regards,

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