Fast supervised transfer

After you hit the supervised-transfer button the request is immediately send to asterisk, but asterisk waits to complete the number with the transferdigittimeout timer.
You can hit the # on the phone after pressing the supervised-transfer button to stop the waiting and start the dial.
Transferring with Fop2 always have the complete number so asterisk don't have to wait.
Is it possible that Fop2 send a invite with a # at the end on a supervised transfer?
The transferdigittimeout timer can't be set low because the users needs some time to dial the number if they transfer by phone.
I have set it to 2 seconds, a bit short for normal transfers and a bit too long for Fop2 transfers.
Hitting the # on the phone to speed things up after transferring with Fop2 is not a nice solution.
Or is there a solution that I can make in the dialplan?


  • To see if the # makes a difference you can test it by using the dial text box to transfer. If you set blind_transfer=0, supervised_transfer=1 in fop2.cfg, then the transfer from dial will be atxfer commands in ami, so you can type something like:


    and hit enter while on a call, and it should do the atxfer with the above number. Perhaps the feature timeout is not used when performing the action via AMI, I really do not know, but you can do the test to verify.

    The potential problem I see by adding # is that it might be treated as part of the destination extension and hence it might not match some dialplans as valid destination number.
  • I am curious on this. Is there a file we can change to append the # to the number? Our receptionist does not like the delay. She does not like hitting extra buttons either.

  • There is no file to append it.. I will modify version 2.30 to include # at the end of atxfer commands.
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