2.28 - FOP2 MAnager voicemail passwords

  1. 4 years ago

    Nicholas, First off thanks for the ongoing improvements that you make to FOP2.

    I have the new 2.28 version installed on two very recent PiaF boxes and am having the same symptom on both. The Majority of the Users are generated with the extension as a password, granted this is because our default installs are built that way, but the password in FOP2 is not updated when the voicemail password is changed by the user. I have poked around a bit and noticed that if I go to a user in FOP2 manager, remove the asterisks and leave the password blank it seems to read the vm password then but if the user changes their password in VM the FOP2 remains unchanged.

    Do you have any hints for me to look at or is this the normal behavior?


  2. admin

    12 Sep 2014 Administrator

    Hi Mike,

    It is normal behavior. Passwords are taken from voicemail pins, or extension numbers, only at installation time, or when you regenerate users. After that password is set, any changes to it must be done via the fop2 manager. There is no synchronization between voicemail pins and fop2 user passwords.

    Best regards,

  3. Nicholas,
    I was scratching my head on this as it seems that the voicemail and FOP2 passwords were synced in the past, possibly before the new administration tool? Is this a feature that will be on the road map or possible could be implemented as a plugin? Seems to be adding a huge admin time waste to larger implementations.

    Thanks again,

  4. admin

    16 Sep 2014 Administrator

    They were never synced. Only at installation time of the admin/manager. After that they have a life on its own. It is possible to alter the autoconfig-users.sh script to use always voicemail pins, but that modification is not done/written, you have to read the voicemail.conf file, store information into a hash and use that as the password field in the user line (this was done on autoconfig-users-freepbx.sh when there was no password set for a fop2 user).

  5. I am confused now too.

    I have my setup so that, in the FOP2 User setup, the "Secret" field is left blank. The information popup for this option says: "The secret to login to fop2. If none specified the voicemail secret will be used."

    I have tested this, and if I change my voicemail password, the NEW password is what I have to use to log into FOP2. That is, I use my current voicemail password, whatever it is.

    My only caveat is that I am running FOP2 2.2.7. However, this has been the behaviour since I first started using FOP2, which was a few years and a few versions earlier still.

  6. admin

    29 Sep 2014 Administrator

    If the password is empty in the fop2buttons table, then the autoconfig script will try to "fill" the gap with the voicemail pin. That code is done in the autoconfig users script, you can alter that if you want.

    Best regards,

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