IPv6 Support?

  1. 4 years ago


    Do I need to change any configs to allow the use of FOP2 connectivity using IPV6?

    I am running Freepbx on a CentOS 64 vm. I am running FOP2 v 2.2.7

    I have recently enabled IPv6 on the asterisk server (dual stack), and can browse the Freepbx asterisk web interface via IPv6.

    Any attempts to connect to FOP2 time out. I can log into the FOP2 server via ipv4 as normal.

    In order to IPV6 enable the SIP server, I had to change the asterisk HTTP bind address from "" (any IPv4 address) to "::" (any IPv4 or any IPv6 address).

    Looking at netstat, I think FOP2 is still only listening on IPv4 addresses:

    netstat -lnp | grep 4445
    tcp        0      0      *                   LIST                   EN      30108/fop2_server

    Does FOP2 allow connection via IPv6? How do I enable it?

  2. admin

    29 Sep 2014 Administrator

    it does not support IPv6 right now. I might add support for it in the future.

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