Queue Login Update

I assume it is the expected behavior for the Queue Login popup box to include all queues defined on the system (if not I guess we have an issue with our install). We would like to see that popup box only display the queues that are available for the user logging in. This would be the same list that currently shows up for the Add to and Remove from menus on the users button.


  • The queue login plugin will popup only the queues available for that user in the fop2 display (limited by groups in fop2 itself). If the user logs and can see two queues, only those two will popup. So, be sure to create a fop2 group including the queues you want to show, assign that group to the user, and it will behave as you describe. And the same applies for the action submenu and others.

  • Thanks, we currently don't have any groups defined in FOP2 for this but the action submenu only show queues that the user is a Dynamic member just as we want. If there is no way to get these both to function the same I can look into setting up groups, I was hoping for one less place to have to maintain our 100 plus user extensions.
  • Problem is that FOP2 works with FreePBX, Elaxtix, Thirdlane, PBXWare, or Vanilla. The restriction you mention is only available for one of those backends, in its own way. So, you will have to create the group if you want it filtered. You can use templates for that. Assigning templates to users is simpler, and you can alter later the template to modify all of the users at once.
  • Fantastic, I wasn't aware templates were able to be update all uses like that now. Thanks
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