Can't pick up parked call

I have a parked slots button in FOP2. I can park a call in that slot, but not pick it up again. When I hover my cursor over it, the Pickup call text appears, but clicking it has no effect.
Can you help? Version 2.28


  • do you have pickup permissions? You will have to open the javascript console on your browser as a first debugging step, messages that appear just right after you click will give an idea of what is going on (like lack of pickup permission). If the pickup command is being sent to the server, then the debugging should be done on the server, is a little bit more complex, so first check on the javascript console on your browser (or review that you have pickup or all permissions for your extension).

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    I have permissions set to "all" in FOP2 admin for this user.
    This is the debug in Chrome and when I click "Pickup Call", I get what is encircled in orange.

  • In that case, you will have to debug on the server side and see what happens. As the client is sending the command correctly.

    service fop2 stop
    cd /usr/local/fop2
    script capture.log
    ./fop2_server -X 511
    (at this point, you can log into fop2, and attempt to pickup a parked call)
    service fop2 start

    Now you have a capture.log file to analyze, search for "pickupActive" and look anything that comes below that, you will need to see several lines/blocks on info. That will give an idea of what is going on and what could be wrong.

    Best regards
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    Thank you.
    This is what I got. There is a lot more after that and don't know if it is relevant, so I attached a txt file containing more info.
    The call is parked in slot 71. If I dial the number from fop, I can pick up the call fine.

    <= <msg data="7|pickupActive|park!PARK/DEFAULT!71|b10550dc42d736fc3540acba940e0a1e" ></msg>

    -- PROCESS_FLASH_COMMAND origen 7 accion pickupActive destino park!PARK/DEFAULT!71 password b10550dc42d736fc3540acba940e0a1e


    validate password using key fOkvHyxGIxjt6Vaye2IctwNQqIBKGF

    VALIDAR USUARIO 5318 OK con clave regular (

    Validation ok, have all permissions for all buttons (0) 7

    It's blessed into class FOP2::Extension

    PICKUP origin IAX2/5318 is defined!!!

    ++ GET SERVER for IAX2/5318 = localhost -> Action: Originate -> Channel: IAX2/5318 -> Exten: 71 -> Context: parkedcalls_1 -> CallerID: Johann Mobile <71> -> Priority: 1 -> Async: True <- Response: Error <- Message: Extension does not exist.
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    The problem is that call origination is attempted on extension 71 for context parkedcalls_1. If you do not use multiple parking slots (parkplus module), then the correct context should be just "parkedcalls". So you will have to edit the mysql table fop2buttons by hand and change the context from parkedcalls_1 to parkedcalls. Something like this might work:
    mysql -u root -p asterisk -e "UPDATE fop2buttons SET context='parkedcalls' WHERE context='parkedcalls_1'"

    Then restart FOP2 and try again.

    Best regards,
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    Thank you.
    When I execute this command I am prompted to enter a password. What password is this? I guess it is the mysql root password, correct?
  • Yes, it's your mysql root password.
  • I don't know the password, I have never needed it with my installation of PBX in a flash so far. Is there a way to retrieve it?
    If not, and I have to change it, would this affect other services in PIAF accessing mysql?

    Thanks a lot.
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    I tried a few default passwords and "passw0rd" got me in.
    I tested and everything is working. I can pick up parked calls now.

    Thanks so much.
  • Hello, I have the exact same issue where I can transfer a call to a parking lot through the FOP2 GUI, however I cannot pickup the call through the GUI by clicking on the "Pickup Call" text when hovering over the parked call.

    The difference is that I have the Parking Lot Pro module installed with 4 separate parking lots (30,40,50,60). If I dial 31,41 etc. it will pick up the call but not through the GUI and clicking on the call.

    The above fix looks to be for people who do NOT have the Parking Lot Pro module installed, but what about those who do?

    The strange thing is that in the explanation of the fix, it sounded like the default behavior was FOR the Parking Lot Pro module and it's multiple parking lots, however the functionality pre/post suggested fix does not correct the ability to pickup a call through the GUI.

    Any suggestions?
  • Start fop2 in debug mode, and look also at the chrome javascript debug console when you attempt pickup so I can see what is going on. Also run /usr/local/fop2/ and paste the configuration for the park lots you have..

    Best regards,
  • Hello,
    i have installed the 2.30 version and have the same problem.
    In the debug file i found that context parameter is blank.
    The server is an Elastix 2.5 x64

    Any suggestions?

    PS. Fop2 great panel
  • Look at the park button definition you have as output when running /usr/local/fop2/

    Does it have a context there? How does it look like?
  • Thanks for fast reply!!!

    Yes,i have "context=parkedcalls".
  • And how does the action for pickup looks in the logs?
  • Next week i can recover the log and i can see the action for pickup.

    Thanks so much
  • I have a similar issue of not being able to retrieve parked calls from the parking slots widget. It seems to work until I installed call history plugin. Then when calls are parked, the parking slot widget no longer updates to show the parked call, hence there is nothing to click on to get the pickup call option. I uninstall call history plugin and parking slots is working again. (Fop2 version 2.31.18, FreePBX, Asterisk 15.4.0)
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