Old ext name is appearing


Sometimes the system is displaying the agent name wrongly on a particular extension (3311 in this case), where the current agent name on the extension is (Nora) and the system is showing the old name of the resigned agent (Abeer).

we have changed this from the fop2 admin under buttons but we are still facing the issue

Thank you.


  • What you are seeing is most probably the queue member name as set in FreePBX. When you rename an extension in FreePBX, there is a bug where the queue member name is not updated. FOP2 will rename buttons based on the queue member name, so no matter what you change in the fop2 label, it will be renamed to the queue member name.

    To fix the FreePBX bug, you have to edit the queue (in the freepbx gui), remove the member, save and apply, then add the member again and save and apply. That should re-add that queue member with the new extension name.

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  • The member are not static on the queue, they are login dynamically so every time the agent logs to the queue he will logout later.

    Any solution is this case

    Thank you
  • Whenever a dynamic member is added to a queue, the member name is set on that command also. If that name is old/incorrect/not the one you want, then it is up to modifying that action in the dialplan, or program that performs the dynamic adding, to set the correct name.

    So, if you use some feature code to dynamic adding agents to a queue, review that dialplan bit and see what member name is being set.

    Solution is in your dialplan/configuration. FOP2 is making something visible that you probably did not see before.

    But I insist, I do not know your setup, I do not have enough information to be conclusive, I am just mentioning something that usually happens, and that might be happening to you. Always contrast the data you see on FOP2 with actual activity on the queue_log file or the output from: asterisk -rx "queue show".

    Check names there also, not only in FOP2.
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