FOP 2.10 Released!

  1. 9 years ago


    29 Mar 2010 Administrator

    After some heavy work I have just released FOP 2.10. It has several bug fixes and new features like:

    • Freepbx user&device mode support

    • Call Parking

    • Detailed trunk display

    • Call Pickup from Queues, Trunks and Park

    • Improved phonebook (import, private records, isolated contexts)

    • Improved Agentlogin support

    • Queue Handling (add, remove, pause members)

    • FreePBX DND and FOP2 Presence integration

    • Perl Callbacks support for hacking your own functions

    • Dial box handles more than 10 matches

    • Extension Groups in Display

    • Button Groups for users

    • Transfer to external numbers

    • Invite external numbers to conference

    • FreePBX module to manage users, permissions, groups and more

    There are more features that I am forgetting, I will try to update the post and document everything in the next few days.


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