Fake Continuous Call Showing

  1. 4 years ago

    So I dialed *720, and *730 yesterday in attempt to get "call forwarding all prompt" to work, where you can set call forwarding for a remote extension other than your own. I later found out that freepbx and/or asterisk changed it to *93, as the 0 in *720 was causing issues.

    Anyway, I now am showing to my employees as continually on a call (see attachment). I restarted FOP2 and Asterisk.

    Any ideas?

  2. Call (actually calls now) still going.

  3. admin

    19 Aug 2015 Administrator

    Did you restart fop2?

    service fop2 restart

  4. Goodness, it sure did. The thing is, I did restart it before, but from fop2/admin GUI. Is that different than running the command service fop2 restart?

  5. admin

    28 Aug 2015 Administrator

    Yes. It is different. A reload re-reads configurations files only. It does not reset status.

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  6. I've seen this same issue with two installs. At one, conferences intermittently get "stuck" as in use when they are not. At the other it was, coincidentally, a user trying to forward their phone and the extension got stuck as "in use" in FOP2. Always, a 'service fop2 restart' fixes it. Running 2.29.02 in both locations where this has happened.

  7. admin

    3 Sep 2015 Administrator

    What I need in order to track this kind of issues is some way to reproduce the issue. The mention of a user trying to forward seems to indicate it might be a problem when a specific feature code is being dialed. If you can tell me that dialing for example *781231231 will lead to a "stuck" call then that is great as the problem is reproducible and we can track log files in order to see why it happens, and if its a bug, fix it.

    Calls stuck in a 'random' fashion are not really helpful in order to track the issue down. The idea is to reduce the randomness as much as possible and try to force/trigger the problem so we can catch the error in the act.

    Restarting fop2 will always help, as it will clear all internal status and poll information fresh from Asterisk.

    If anyone of you have a particular scenario where a call gets stuck or some misinformation displayed in FOP2, please let me know so I can try to reproduce that and fix it.

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  9. I also have such problem on all my installations.

  10. last year

    I know this is an old post, but I am also running into this issue on 2.31.17 on freepbx. Haven't run into this issue before.

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