Display Name update in FOP2 Manager

  1. 3 years ago

    I have noticed, that when I change the display name of an extension in FreePBX, the change doesn't get updated in FOP2 Manager. I have to do that manually there.
    Any way you could add this function to a future release?

  2. admin

    24 Oct 2015 Administrator

    I might add an option for doing sync labels automatically in a future release. Right now I am adding the mass csv update in the manager buttons page you suggested in another thread. Its working already, but I have to add error checking, alert messages and translations.

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  3. Edited 3 years ago by avayax

    Nice, sounds good.
    Wasn't there a synchronize lables button in FOP2 manager?
    I think I saw it there once, but looks like it's gone.
    SYNC Labels.jpg
    FOP2 2.30

  4. admin

    24 Oct 2015 Administrator

    It is there, the actions menu is dynamic, you have to be on the Buttons tab for the action to show.

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  5. Ok, got it. Thanks.

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