Feature Request: Tie multiple extensions to one FOP2 button

Feature Request:
I have several users who need two line extensions, such as Support which has a second extension on a ring group for incoming support calls (they are not interested in queues yet). This causes multiple buttons to show up in FOP2, and sometimes they are not listed next to each other, since FOP2 sorts by extension number (maybe this could just be handled by providing a sorting option--sort group by name or extension). But you could also tie these multiple extensions to one button. It could be a global option, though I could see the odd-man-out requiring more granular control (one extension in a Support group and another extension in an Internal Calls group).

And if they were tied to one button, ideally there would be control over which extension is their primary preferred extension for incoming calls (ability to sort the order that they appear in the button).

Food for thought. Would also be a nice feature for receptionists, so they can find users faster and not have multiple entries for each.


  • You can add extra channels via the FOP2 Manager already, so you can get status from more than one device into just one button. Log into the manager http://your.server/fop2/admin , go to the Buttons tab, enable advanced fields and fill the Channel entry with anything you want. Note that you must enter DEVICES, a ring group is a logical configuration that cannot be tracked.

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  • Thank you! Now I couldn't find any documentation on the format of these "Channels". I saw that someone posted a quote from you that:
    So, suppose you have: SIP/100 and SIP/200 and you want to monitor state for both channels in just one button, then edit SIP/100 extension button and add SIP/200 to the channel field. And then disable SIP/200 if it appears in the button page as a separate one.

    First datum that is good to know: format for sip extensions is "SIP/200".
    Next datum that is good to know: you have to disable the secondary extension.

    Now what I don't know: how do you list multiple channels? I tried SIP/100|SIP/200 and SIP/100,SIP/200 but neither worked. (I have a phone with three extensions).

    Next Q: Can I have the phone originate from an available extension, or does it have to be only one?
  • You can enumerate multiple channels and use the & delimiter between them.

    The format for channel names is made up by Asterisk, we cannot say how channels are named. You can always check doing an 'asterisk -rx "core show channels"' when you have calls active with the device you want to track.. from the name you see remove the -asdf123asdf that is prepended at the end, that is usually a random or sequencial number.

    As for call origination. FOP2 will always use the primary channel. However, there is another field you can set in buttons called "Originate Channel" that, as you can imagine, lets you specify whatever valid channel string you want for call origination. In there you can use Local/xxx type channels, that are proxy channels that maps to your dialplan. If you have an extension 100 that rings eigher SIP/100, SIP/200 and SIP/300, then you can set as Originate channel Local/100@context (where context is the correct dial plan context for that extension), and origination will use whatever device is listed via your dialplan.

    All of the above except the & delimiter in the Channel field, and having the OriginateChannel available, is common Asterisk knowledge. It has no place in our documentation, you will find it in Asterisk documentation.

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