Agent is not removed from Queue upon logout

  1. 3 years ago
    Edited 3 years ago by avayax

    Using the Queue Plugin.
    Agents get logged in to the queues that I select when I log in, but they do not get removed upon logout from FOP2.

    On queue show in Asterisk CLI, I still see the extensions in the queue.

  2. admin

    5 Dec 2015 Administrator

    How do you logout from FOP2?

  3. I press this "Logout" button:

  4. Edited 3 years ago by avayax

    My user logs in automatically into the queue upon fop2 login, but does not log out. I have set Queue Plugin to"Automatically Login To All Queues: YES"

  5. admin

    22 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Do you use the chrome extension also?

  6. Edited 3 years ago by avayax

    Yes I am. Guess that's the problem.
    Any way to make both work?

  7. admin

    29 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Yes, that is the problem. There is no way to make both work. What happens is this: the plugin checks for logout events, but if it sees the user still being logged/connected, it won't execute the logout actions. The plugin will log you in and keep you connected, no matter if you logout from the main fop2 display. And so the logout actions won't kick in.

    The problem here is that I had to make the logout actions only work when no sessions were active because different browser versions could have erratic management of websocket sessions, where you could have two sessions open at the same time (but only one actual session working), and one of them is then killed by the browser after some time. If the server detects that ang logs you off, while you *still have* a valid connected session, the result is unexpected and wrong.

    When using the Chrome extension, you do have two valid connections using the same extension, and hence you are never logged out (unless you close/deactivate the chrome extension).

    There is no easy way to make them work together. A plugin upgrade is not enough. But I will see if I can work on something for a next release, trying to identify chrome extension clients from regular browser clients and work from there.

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  9. @admin Did you find a way for logout to work with the chrome extension running?

  10. 2 years ago

    Hello, i am just opening up this discussion to possibly see if you were able to get the agent logout to work the chrome extension being enabled.

    I suppose the solution would be to allow agents to just status themselves as DND but there are some old dogs here...

    please let us know if there was ever a fix for this.

  11. admin

    7 Dec 2016 Administrator

    Unfortunately the queue login plugin won't work if you use the chrome extension (as the chrome extension will keep the agent logged all the time, there would not be a logout event if you use it). I did not find a way around that yet.

    Best regards,

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