Browser Notification Popup Clickable

On incoming calls, I receive browser notification popups (desktop notify in manager settings to "yes").
Could you make those clickable, so they would open the URL specified under the FOP2 preferences-popup settings? (Doesn't matter to me where I need to specify the URL location.)

I know clickable popups are possible when using the Chrome extension, but we would prefer this working without it.
We are not using the chrome extension because we also want to use automatic login/logout of queue members with the queue plugin.

The non-chrome extensions browser popup also displays nice pictures from my contacts.
Some users here also don't use chrome.


  • The notification is clickable, but there is a problem with the notifyLibJS.js library, edit /var/www/html/fop2/js/notifyLibJS.js and look for this:

    url: (values.url) ? values.url : ''

    and change it to this:

    url: (values.url) ? Base64.decode(values.url) : ''

    So the url in the desktop notification is properly decoded.
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