Queue Login - logs out agents when they browse away from active FOP2 tab

  1. 3 years ago

    We have the Queue Login plugin enabled for agents and it works as expected. We are using the Chrome Browser. However what seems to happen is when an agent moved away from the active FOP2 browser tab to do something else they get logged out of the queues that they are in. When the browse back to the FOP2 tab they are still logged into FOP2 but they get offered the popup box to login to queues again and have to select the queues that they want to login to again.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


  2. admin

    8 Mar 2016 Administrator

    selecting a different tab in chrome does not disconnect the fop2 connection, so it should not trigger any queue logout events. Only if you close the FOP2 tab, or select logout, the queue logout actions will kick in. So I cannot give you any tips more than to say that what you experience is not common. Perhaps there is something different happening that cause the disconnection? are you reloading asterisk or applying changes in freepbx frequently ?

  3. We are not reloading Asterisk frequently or making FreePBX changes.

    I will see if I can find out more information about what is happening. Many users on our system are running Apple MAC system using Chrome as the browser.

  4. admin

    9 Mar 2016 Administrator

    I also use Chrome on Mac as the development platform. There might be something else causing the disconnection. In any case, the latest FOP2 version and queue login plugin implement a 'timeout' to avoid queue logouts when the FOP2 browser connection is lost unnaturally or by 'accident'. If the FOP2 client reconnects in the next 30 seconds, then the logout action is cancelled. Not sure what version you have, but maybe not the latest? Upgrading might help in your case.

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