Status DND on CISCO Telephones

  1. 3 years ago

    Hi everyone,
    A few days ago we installed a FOP2 on our freepbx.
    Works fine with exceptions, for example:
    We've telephones of cisco systems(Model SPA303), and we need that DND status function be shown on FOP2.
    I believe that have an incompatibility with FOP2, FREEPBX and Cisco, because in our company in Brazil we've other telephones model (Intelbras TIP300), works fine with DND status on FOP2.
    When I try call *78, nothing changes or show me on dashboard on FOP2.
    Has anyone that problem to ? Or any suggestion to apply on our config ?

  2. admin

    21 Mar 2016 Administrator

    For DND to work in both directions with FreePBX you must do two things:

    1) Asterisk -> FOP2
    Run "/usr/local/fop2/ -w" at installation time.

    2) FOP2 -> Asterisk
    Install the Presence-DND plugin

    Phone bands have not relation at all with the above configuration.

    Best regards

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