Back button on mini browser also works call history plugin

When I click on the back button in the mini-browser, it seems the call history window also goes to the previous page. Like if I set calls from All to Answered only, it will revert to All after pressing back on the mini-browser.

Call History 1.0.3
Mini Browser 1.0.2
FOP2 2.30.04


  • Yep, there is a problem when multiple iframes are in use. I have yet to find out how to fix it, *if* I can fix it. Browser sercurity does not allow full access to iframe contents and that poses a problem. I will try to work on that.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to fix it. The history object is a global object, not individualized among separate components or frames. Call History and Browser plugins use iframes to show content. The iframe history is shared with the main window history (as it is a global object), so whenever you click a link on an iframe, the global history gets updated. If you click the back browser button (or the back icon on the browser plugin, that performs the same action), then the last updated frame gets one step back... So, if you changed a page on the call history plugin, you can get back by clicking the back button on the browser plugin (or your own browser back button). It is confusing, but is the way it is. History on modern browsers is a global object and api calls will work on the global object. In the same way, you can click the back button on the browser plugin several times and it will reach the main window history at some point.

  • Thanks for trying, I understand.
    I was able to change the file so that I could set a default state of "answered," so that using the browser back button won't change it from the one we look at most.

    in /var/www/html/fop2/admin/plugins/callhistory/callhistorybsgrid.php
    Change this line from:
    $mifilt = isset($_REQUEST)?$_REQUEST:'';
    $mifilt = isset($_REQUEST)?$_REQUEST:'answered';

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