queue login window pops up every so often

We were having issues with one agent who would only wanted to be in 2 of our 3 queues. Normally, they would log in (automatically being added to all 3), then remove themselves from the third queue. But, they were being automatically added every so often back into this third queue and we couldn't figure out why.

I installed the queue login plugin so that now, instead of all three queues to being with, they are prompted for which queues to be in. What's happening is that every 10-20 minutes they are re-prompted to log in. I ran pings to to see if there was a correlation to the log outs, and pings wouldn't drop. I had them ping the asterisk/freepbx server, and maybe one ping would drop at the same time they were logged out.

Is this a php session issue as I had read about in other issues like call history, or is this something else? Maybe it's just basic networking on our side, but why would the session get lost if communication only dropped for the duration of a ping?

We're planning to install some freepbx updates soon and restart the server--maybe that has something to do with it. We're on 2.30.04 and Queue Login 1.0.5 and freepbx 13.0.99.

Thanks for the help!


  • Hi,

    FOP2 keeps an always on websocket connection among the browser and the server. If that connection errors out, then the logoff mechanisms in FOP2 will kick. The latest FOP2 version implements a timer to prevent the log out callbacks/functions to be called as soon as an error occurs. It defers the callback for 30 seconds, giving it time for the connection to be reestablished. IF it is, then the callbacks are cancelled, if its not, then they will be triggered and logout will occur. I suggest you to upgrade to the latest FOP2 version that might solve your issue with those disconnections and being logged out by the queue login plugin.

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    We upgraded to the newest version 2.30.06 last week. We are still getting the prompts from the Queue Login on our three agents. On one machine, its maybe once a day. Another machine it's at least once a day. On another machine, it averages 5 a day.

    Anything specific I should be looking for in the logs?

    Edit: I see you are still working on some php session timing improvements, I'll keep an eye on that thread too. Thanks!
  • I've come up with another theory for this. I believe more recent versions of Chrome have the ability to essentially drop an unused tab from memory, possibly sticking it in a cache after a period of inactivity (especially when lots of other tabs are open). Could this be triggering the queue login pop-up to re-appear?

    Also, I do recall some other posts where you suggest changing the php session timeout. I have not tried this yet. Do you think this is a related issue or not? What would you suggest I set it to?
  • I have pings running to try to figure out what the issue is with disconnecting might be. I will be upgrading to the latest version and see if there are any improvements.

    I was thinking it would help the troubleshooting if there was a time stamp added to the Queue Login window that shows the last logout time and the last login time. Is there any where else this time is recorded?

    We will be installing the Call Center stats add-on as soon as we can get to the root cause of why the Queue Login window pops up multiple times a day. Maybe we need that add on to see when these log out/ins are occuring?
  • To be specific, this isn't really a logging out, it seems to me that FOP2 is refreshing itself automatically. I am using the google chrome browser with the DevTools open. I set the option for Preserve Log. I also turned on the Javascript Debug option in FOP2 Manager. I am seeing the line:
    "Navigated to http://***.com/"; randomly throughout the day on multiple clients machines. When clicking back to the FOP2 tab, they are still logged into their queues, but are presented with the Queue Login Pop-up window.

    I've captured this from the console as well:
    VM34896:1 setLang
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.226 VM34896:1 setvar set session language
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.226 VM34896:1 setvar return msg no key set
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.237 VM34896:1 0,incorrect=0 en slot
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.237 VM34896:1 show sec box
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.237 VM34896:1 limpia todo
    2016-05-11 17:58:27.238 VM34896:1 termine de limpiar
    2016-05-11 17:58:42.177 VM34896:1 ws send <msg data="1|ping||" />
    2016-05-11 17:58:42.178 VM34896:1 envio ping 2
    2016-05-11 17:58:44.834 VM34896:1 m.Event {originalEvent: BeforeUnloadEvent, type: "beforeunload", timeStamp: 256329.44000000003, jQuery11130992345903957262: true, which: undefined…}
    2016-05-11 17:58:44.896 Navigated to http://phones.allpointsbroadband.com/
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.174 jquery-1.11.3.min.js:5 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check https://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/.
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.248 VM35221:1 show lines 2
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.308 VM35221:1 antes de tinyblock init
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.310 VM35221:1 despues de tinyblock init
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.311 VM35221:1 add event listener on player2! undefined
    2016-05-11 17:58:45.311 VM35221:1 add event listener on player2! undefined

    I'm really curious what the m.Event line means, as it is the last thing befor ethe page reloading.
    Maybe it is related to the other post:

  • BTW I renamed the forum thread to be more specific.

    Also, since this is similarly related, why does the login page refresh itself automatically? It seems every 30 seconds.
    Google Chrome saves our extension and password in the fields, but after 30 seconds, the page refreshes and says "Invalid Credentials"
  • Are you using the Chrome extension also?
  • We are not. I had read it keeps the agents logged in all the time and just figured we wouldnt use it quite yet until we had everything else working 100%
  • The next release will have socket timeouts disabled by default. This will hopefully avoid those refreshes you notice while you are connected. The timeout will be set as an option, with the default being disabled.

    If you want to test the next release right now, let me know if you use the 32 or 64 bit version and I will send you a link for you to download and test.

    Best regards,
  • I'd be happy to test it out. We're on the 64bit version.
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