Queue Login change for FreePBX system

  1. 3 years ago

    After upgrading to FOP2 Manager 1.1.2 it appears that they way in which queue logins work has changed. Previously there appeared to be no link between FreePBX Dynamic Agent settings and FOP2. Now it appears that FOP2 seems to honour the FreePBX Dynamic Agent settings.

    Previously we had some queues with "Restrict Dynamic Agents" set to yes in FreePBX and some set to no. This did not make any difference to the queues that agents could log into via FOP2. Now it appears that this has changed and the "Restrict Dynamic Agents" setting is FreePBX is honoured by FOP2.

    Is this a change that has been made for a specific reason? Will this remain the case in future releases?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. admin

    3 May 2016 Administrator

    Hi Lee,

    FOP2 always honoured the restirct dynamic agents feature from FreePBX. That feature is done not by the FOP2 Manager in itself, but is a result of the autoconfig-xxx scripts that are bundled with FOP2 (not related to the FOP2 Manager version you have).

    What have changed recently is the queue login plugin, than in the latest version honours the restrict dynamic agents as it does the regular FOP2 UI.

    Best regards,

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