Improve Conference Plugin

I know that the conference action button is essentially the same as chanspy and comes with certain limitations, but from a user perspective, who is thinking that he is actually invoking a conference, similar to a conference button on a phone, there are a few things that are somewhat inconvenient or confusing to him, and maybe there are ways to improve that.

-When barging into an active call using the conf action button, I am dropped from the call when one of the other parties hangs up. Quite often in a 3 way conference, one party drops out and the other two want to continue for a bit.
Same when inviting someone into a conference, when I hang up (or the party I was initially talking to), all the other parties drop out too. However they might want to continue the conversation.
This is understandable from a chanspy perspective, but the users will be confused as this usually doesn't happen during ordinary conferences.

-When inviting a party via conf action button, there is now way to undo the invite via hangup action button. The party will continue to ring until voice mail picks up or similar, but I have no way of hanging up that channel unless I hang up the call I am on entirely. Also on FOP2, there is no indication that the invited party is ringing (flashing handset on called party).


  • Unfortunately, the conference button uses chanspy barge feature and works exactly like that, there is no way to fix it as it is not really broken.

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