Changelog in FOP2 Manager

  1. 3 years ago

    It would be nice to have changelog for FOP2 and plugins available in FOP2 manager.
    Something like clickable version number which shows you complete changelog (in expandable block?) or opens a separate web page with changelog.

  2. admin

    27 May 2016 Administrator

    changelog is availble for fop2 manager upgrades, but not for individual plugins. I will see if I can add it to plugins also.

  3. thanks in advance!

  4. Any changelogs we could see for the plugin updates? I see there are a number of updates recently!

  5. admin

    13 Jul 2016 Administrator

    Let me know a particular plugin and I can post the full changelog here.... until I devise a way to show you on the fop2 manager.

  6. Hi ,
    is it possible to subscibe a newsletter for the new version of fop2 or plugins ?

  7. admin

    27 Jul 2016 Administrator

    I sometimes use twitter to do announcements. (Although I should use it more regularly)

    Yesterday I added changelog support in the FOP2 Manager for plugins, so you can see what is new before upgrading them online.

    I will see to use twitter upon every release or upgrade for our software or plugins from now on.

    We might setup newsletters at some point also.

  8. Where would I see the changelog?

    There is currently an update for the minibrowser to 1.0.3, but I don't see a changelog near the update button. Maybe this update was available before July 27, and we will begin to see changelogs going forward for future updates?

  9. admin

    2 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Do you have fop2 manager 1.1.4?

  10. I have 1.1.3
    I suppose I need to follow the instructions here to update:

  11. I updated to the latest FOP2 2.31.03 which included FOP2 manager 1.1.4 - I can see the changelogs now

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