Queue Stats and 'picking' calls from queue

Some of the agents here are not full-time queue people, but rather just pick and choose calls from the queue when it is busy or if they recognize the person ( or choose calls to avoid a particular person!).

However, these calls that are 'picked' from the queue don't seem to be included in the Queue Stats count. Could queue calls handled in this way be counted as well, and easily changed?


  • No, they could not be counted as Asterisk reports them as Abandoned. If you think about it is true, the call is forced out from the queue application, so the queue does not know what happens afterwards. It is an asterisk thing, it cannot be fixed by FOP2. What you should do if you must keep track of stats is to create individual extension queues and drag calls out from some queue into a different queue that will deliver the call to the agent.

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