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  1. 3 years ago

    Hi, I would like a support, I have the latest version of fop2 (not registered) in a test environment using the Elastix, extensions has the parameter settings
    sendrpid = pai and trustrpid = yes.

    The problem is that when I do a fop2 Attended Transfer it does not pass the caller ID that comes my torso. for the final extension.


    Incoming call 71324XXXXX ring extension 9699 (CALLER ID is 71324XXXXX). I answer.
    Attended Transfer to 9698 and turn off in 9699 (CallerID is 9699) would have to show the caller id 71324XXXXX and not 9699

    Ps.: This does not happen in telephone IPs or softphones phones. the caller ID appears correctly. the blind transfer appears correctly too.

    Thank you

  2. Correct phase.
    The problem is that when I do a fop2 Attended Transfer it does not pass the caller ID that comes my trunk. for the final extension.

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    21 Jun 2016 Administrator

    FOP2 does not handle callerid when the atxfer command is called (as that manager command does not have any option to set or manage callerid), so there is nothing I can do. Perhaps you can tweak asterisk configs to make it work, using trustrpid or similar sip options.

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  4. 2 years ago
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    I met the same problem. Did you find a solution?
    Looking on call flow that 'mauriciommagalhaes' explained, I do not understand how that can work at all (he said it works on softphones).

    When 9698 picks up the call from the 9699, it does not know yet that 9699 has intention to connect it to 71324XXXXX. For the 9698 it is like purely internal call from 9699. And CID cannot be changed during open session.

    To make it works it seems that in case of attended transfer, the CID should be substituted before the call. It seems it can be done by FOP2, doesn't it?

  5. admin

    9 Aug 2017 Administrator


    FOP2 won't ever change or modify callerid, that is a task of Asterisk. Whatever callerid you see in FOP2 is what asterisk advertises in AMI manager events for every respective channel.

    There are ways to modify callerids and transfers inside asterisk, and those also change depending on asterisk versions (as I mentioned earlier, you can use trustrpid, use some dial options, etc). The thing is that FOP2 will display the callerid 'as received' in AMI events, and if you see something that you feel is not right, then it is Asterisk not doing that passing the way you would expect.

    As for the atxfer manager command, it has no provisions at all to change a callerid when invoking that command, so nothing could be done in FOP2 (as FOP2 is a command dispatcher, for commands that exist and are implemented in *asterisk*).

    asterisk -rx "manager show command atxfer"

  6. I had a similar problem (unrelated to FOP2, but the same as you are having) in that when I transferred a call, the caller ID was showing the station that was doing the transfer (the extension) instead of the original CID. This is a phone / asterisk setting, not a FOP2 setting.

    In the phones, you need to change your CallerID Source to PAI (or such) so that it shows the original caller ID, and not the "FROM" Caller ID.

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