Queue Agents not ALWAYS shown

  1. 3 years ago
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    So, sometimes when an agent logs into FOP2 the queues won't show all agents. For instance I have a queue with 4 static agents. They are all available but the queue only shows 2 of them. I reload the panel and then SOMETIMES all 4 agents show up, no other changes made. And I THINK (but haven't verified) that they will eventually just show up on their own after a certain amount of time, sometimes quite a while.

    FreePBX: 10.13.66-13
    Asterisk: 13.9.1
    FOP2: 2.30.03

    I don't manually define any buttons, queues, or anything like that. I installed and ran through the instructions on integration of FOP2 with FreePBX. I have however upgraded FOP2 and FreePBX over multiple versions over time.

    Any idea why this might happen and what I could look at to help determine the cause.

  2. admin

    5 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Did you upgrade recently? Try clearing your browser cache.

  3. We see the same thing. Tried clearing the cache as well.

  4. admin

    6 Aug 2016 Administrator

    That problem happens usually when you have one FOP2 version server, and a different/unmatched fop2.js/index.html.

    The most usual reason is that the client side files (fop2.js/index.html) are not updated. It could also be that the fop2 service was not restarted after an upgrade (so you are in fact running the OLD server).

    There are always slight changes in the internal FOP2 protocol, one of the changes involves the queue member listing. I have seen this happen but always related to mismatched server/client versions.

    I am not ruling out the possibility of a bug, but I have a strong feeling that you might have mismatched versions of server/client.

    Best regards,

  5. Hi again. I'm finally getting some time to come back to this. I've cleared the cache on multiple computers. No difference. Here is an example of how strange this is.
    Login1: everyone but login user shows in queue
    Login2: only 1 user shows in queue
    Login3: different 1 user shows in queue
    Login4: all users show in queue except the user that was shown in login3
    and so on
    And then eventually sometimes the queue shows up correctly.

    After performing an upgrade through the admin section I clicked the "reload FOP2" button which I thought restarted the FOP2 service.

  6. admin

    12 Sep 2016 Administrator

    Did you upgrade the FOP2 *server*?? Not the FOP2 Manager, but the whole server?

    /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server -v

    What is the output?

  7. 2 years ago

    The Queue Agents disappear when I activate a VPN connection. It requires a page refresh and re-login to bring them back. Everything else comes back fine after the VPN connection, what is different about the Queue members that they don't refresh?

  8. admin

    23 Sep 2016 Administrator

    VPN connection or not it should not matter at all.

    /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server -v

    What is your version?

  9. fop2_server version 2.31.03

    About 24 sec after starting a VPN connection, the queue members disappear. If a call is active, the call will display even without the queue members present. They will come back with a refresh/re-login.

    When I stop the VPN connection, the queue members disappear immediately.

    Everything else seems to work fine other than the queue members.

  10. @admin Did you upgrade the FOP2 *server*?? Not the FOP2 Manager, but the whole server?

    /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server -v

    What is the output?

    Yes. The admin page says;
    FOP2 Server Status: OK - Version: 2.30.03

    I'm trying to run /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server -v (as root user) and it won't complete the command, it just hangs...and top shows fop2_server using 99% CPU.

    Another server running this same setup does not have these issues. Very confused.

  11. Ok, I upgraded the FOP2 Server to Version: 2.31.04. CLI is now working again and was able to check the version.

  12. admin

    4 Oct 2016 Administrator

    And do you have the issue with latest version? What you describe is totally odd, vpn or no vpn connections have nothing to do with anything.

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