Full wallboard

  1. 3 years ago


    I'm interested in purchasing the full wallboard plugin but in my opinion it really lacks features of Queue Alarm plugin.
    Most of the time in our call center we do not have calls waiting in queue (as we're highly concerned on our SLAs) - we do use queue alarm plugin configured with quite a low threshold with "enable sound" option and as soon as supervisor hears the alarm he unpauses himself or a relevant back office agent to answer the call. I would prefer to use full wallboard on a big screen with sound in order to have both - full stats and alarms.

    Is it possible to integrate Queue Alarm into Full wallboard plugin?

  2. 2 years ago


    19 Oct 2016 Administrator

    I think you could use both at the same time...? I can see if I can merge features into full wallboard on a future release anyways. Best regards,

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