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  1. 2 years ago

    We have a number of users already setup in FOP2 be need to add a load of next extensions. If I go into the Users section and select "Recreate Users" does this have any effect on existing users or does it just add new extensions as users?

  2. admin

    14 Sep 2016 Administrator

    It will modify all existing users. So do not use recreate users to just add new as it will change permissions for every existing user to the default permissions on install time.

  3. Thanks. Glad I didn't just do that then. How would I get FOP2 to add users for new extensions added to FreePBX without having to add them individually?


  4. admin

    23 Sep 2016 Administrator

    You cannot add users for every new extension in an automated fashion, there is no built in functionality to do that. Perhaps I will modify the recreate users in a future release so it does not modify existing users and adds new ones.. maybe that would be the best option without compromising functionality at all.

  5. The sounds like a great enhancement. Maybe it would be good to ask the question "Do you want to recreate current users?" and then that would give both options.

  6. admin

    4 Oct 2016 Administrator

    I was wrong... Actually , since a couple of versions Recreate Users wont' change existing users, so you are fine using it to add new users in bulk.

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