CallerID is wrong on call history

  1. 2 years ago
    Edited 2 years ago by mbeauverd

    Hello !

    On Incoming, the displayed number is wrong.
    I use "Add CallerID" to append the Outbound route (0), so users can call back using the displayed number on their phones.
    It is working fine on the phones, but not on FOP2 :


    The Marc GSM should display "00796620208" instead of "0796620208".

    What's wrong ?

  2. admin

    1 Nov 2016 Administrator

    FOP2 displays what is stored in the CDR table, it does not know anything about any settings you might have in other tools/frontends. Data in CDR is authoritative for FOP2. Check your cdr table, what callerid is stored? Is it 0796620208? In that case, is your CDR wrong?

  3. Caller ID is wrong in the CDR as well ... So this is an Asterisk issue :(

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