Working with Touchscreen (Dialpad needed)

Hello Nicolas,

for working only with a touchpad and a headset there is a need for
a dialpad (0-9*#) like a phone and a small keyboard. The dialpad
for the numbers and a keyboard for entering names and so on.
Both of these features slidable (in/out) when not used. The size
of the buttons should be like the action-buttons top-left.



  • This is a blast from the past, but I'm curious about touchscreen usability.

    Anyone use FOP2 with a touchscreen or a tablet?
  • FOP2 works with a touchscreen. As for sliding keyboards, those are supplied but the touch OS, it is not relevant to add it to fop2 itself anymore. As for the dialpad, it is now included in the dial input box at the top.

    You can try it out with an ipad if you want.

    Best regards,
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