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Hi! I try to use queue pickup autoanswer. In config I set
And add the extension to asterisk dialplan. But autoanswer doesn work. If I add to 'custom-fop2-autoanswer-redirect'
exten = _.,n,SIPAddHeader(Call-info:answer-after=0.1)
Is this extension called only while picking up? Will I have hidden problem with it? And why original template doesnt work?


  • And I change
    exten = _.,n
    exten = _X.,n
    Bacause asterisk warning:
    WARNING[13128]: pbx_config.c:1837 pbx_load_config: The use of '_.' for an extension is strongly discouraged and can have unexpected behavior.  Please use '_X.'
    Is it ok? At first sight all works.
  • Auto answer headers vary from phone to phone. You should use whatever your phone likes/needs. In fop2 you will find a sample config that might work for some phones but not all. Each phone sip stack is different. So you will have to adapt not only that context, but also individual button auto answer headers if you use them, or the global auto answer headers in fop2.cfg.

    As for the change of _. to _X , it could break the context as the 'extension' passed to that context is a mix of numbers and letters (cause it includes the original redirect context), like "100:from-internal"

    _X. won't match that correctly.
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    But I change not only headers, I change from
    exten = _X.,n,Set(_CALLINFO=Call-Info: <uri>\;answer-after=0)
    exten = _X.,n,SIPAddHeader(Call-info:answer-after=0.1)

    Aboute '_X.' I understand. The worst situation is autoanswer will not work, yes? Warning in log not good for me..
  • if autoanswer works for queue pickup with _X. , and you are happy , then change it. The idea is that *you* will adapt to any intermediate context will work for your environment.

    The commented sample works on FreePBX based systems because later in the dialplan you will find this:

    exten => s,n,ExecIf($["${ALERTINFO}" != ""],SipAddHeader,${ALERTINFO})
    exten => s,n,ExecIf($["${CALLINFO}" != ""],SipAddHeader,${CALLINFO})

    I will update the sample to add that there directly, and also change the = to => to be syntactically correct for asterisk dialplan.

  • Thank you for reply! Yes, I use clear asterisk. because of this to many questions..
  • @AlexRS , can you show me how your whole dial plan in custom-fop2-autoanswer-redirect looks like?
    If you are using FreePBX, is that context in extensions_custom.conf or somewhere else?
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