Presence Pause how it works?

Hi! Im trying to use Presence Pause plugin. When I change presence in precense box - nothing changes exept icon and astdb. Agent is not paused. Please explain how it works.


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    some answers are there
    Is it possible to set pause when presence is not eq 'available'? For example, when operator set 'Meeting' in presence box, extension is pausing and pause reason (Meeting) adds to asternic ccstats. When he returns from meeting, he sets 'availables' in and the pause will be removed.
    As I anderstand, it must works like this, but id doesnt... Extension is not pausing.

    My second question is how can I translate to my lang reason of pause and penalty in lang files? I want to make them the same as in precence box. The question - is it possible in 'lang' files?
  • Plugin will send the pause command to a fixed set of possible queue members:


    If you have any other kind of queue member, you will have to alter the plugin code ( and do the change to match the queue member device as you have it in your system.

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  • No, I have only dynamically added SIP extensions to queue. Pause from FOP2 works perfect..
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    $return .= "Interface: Local/$exten\@from-queue/n\r\n";
    But in my case context is not '@from-queue'. Changes it to my context gets it work.


    PS. may be get context from config? Because may be different contexts for different extensions.
  • Good Idea. I will see if I can make it configurable for a next version/release.
  • I have updated the presence pause plugin, channel is now configurable. You can use a queue member channel like:


    if you want to attempt pause on more than one channel you can use multiple entries with & to concatenate them.

    You should use the #{EXTEN} variable to replace with the extension number.

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  • Thanks twice!=)

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