Should Queue's be made in FreePBX or FOP2?

I'm migrating our servers, and I noticed the way we have it setup now is that our queue's are Empty in FreePBX, and we add users to Queue's in FOP2.

When I migrate the configs, our queue's become empty and I have 2 options:

Build them in FreePBX, then they show up in FOP2
Add the users to there respective Queue's in FOP2

Neither are very hard, we don't have too many employee's, what I'm more concerned about is, which method would be the "proper" method?

Note: We do have warnings in FreePBX that I'm wondering might be solved by making Queue's in FreePBX, but part of me wonders if it was setup this way on purpose (it was setup a long time ago, so I can't ask that person).

EG: (This is a warning in our FreePBX)
Queue: Sales 2 (612)
Queue: VIP Support 1 (613)

Note: We do use Device and User Mode + We have custom Pop_Ups in FOP2 in checkdir.php. Not sure if this effect what I'm talking about, but thought I'd mention it.

I've tried both methods, and both seem to work, just looking for some advice!



  • Dynamic members in Asterisk QUEUES won't never be transferred via configuration files from server to server, you will have to replicate ASTDB entries too, and I do not think FreePBX will transfer those up via backup/restore or whatever they have. So what you notice is normal, expected, and there is no right or wrong way, it is the way it is.

    As ASTDB is a dynamic database, its contents will also vary a lot.

    What you can do in FreePBX is configure your members in the dynamic section, that will transfer possible members for a queue, but not their state (if they were logged into a queue or not) at the time you migrate from one server to the other.

    Agents will need to log into queues again when you migrate to a new server.

    As for the warning you get in FreePBX, I have no idea, you should ask in FreePBX forums. But I do not think its anything serious?
  • After moving forward in deployment, it was brought to my attention, the entire reason we do this is so that our "non-techie" leads can remove/add people from queue's w/o accessing FreePBX web-ui. We purposely don't build them in FreePBX, but nobody ever understood the errors in FreePBX until I did the Tarball migration to a new server and I basically figured it out. It is nice to know its "expected" from the makers of FOP, as always thanks for your guidance.

    Only downside is I have to click each name and add them to queue, I don't want to mess with DB's since I know I can do it via click. BUT, It would be nice if FOP had its own mechanism to export/import queue's. (I would love a just "export everything" setting :P) Regardless, as long as I know 1 way to move forward, I'm happy, I'm dealing with not a "huge" amount of extensions/queue's.
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