Presence change reflected on phones?

  1. 2 years ago

    Using the Presence Change addin works great! It's a great way for our switchboard to know if someone is out sick, out to lunch, etc.
    Question though.... is there a way to put the extension itself on DND when any presence besides "Available" is selected?
    Changing the presence at the switchboard works fine, but the change isn't reflected on the phone.
    We're using Xorcom CompletePBX (Asterisk)

  2. admin

    20 Jan 2017 Administrator

    You must install the Presence DND plugin to bind FOP2 presence with your dialplan/backend.

  3. Yes... I have the presence box DND plugin installed.

  4. admin

    28 Jan 2017 Administrator

    If you have presence-dnd, then the Asterisk DND feature will be enabled (That might differ from phone dnd button). Not sure if you have FreePBX as the backend, if so, then you can check the dnd state by running

    asterisk -rx "database show dnd"

    And inspect entries when you set do not disturb or available to some extension via FOP2. You will notice a new entry will appear for the extension number when set to DND, and removed when Available. If you do not see that, then the presence-dnd plugin is not enabled.

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