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  1. 2 years ago
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    Hi! Is 'hour' scale wrong in asternic cdr? Today I get this (pic), but today is 01-23, not 01-24. Hour is correct.

    The problem was solved. If somebody having problem like this, try to set date.timezone (php.ini) in Etc format.

    date.timezone = Etc/GMT-3
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    28 Jan 2017 Administrator

    Hmm, not sure, I will have to review and do tests at different times of the day. What happens if you run the graph at 9 am vs 9 pm on the same day?

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    Hi! But how I can choose hours? Its Asternic CDR, only 'day' period available. Check, please. The graph is drawing for tomorrow or further days always. Its 'Trunks' tab.

  4. I think, I found the root of the problem. Its timezone setting. If I set America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires in php.ini and UTC-3 on PC, all works fine. So, may be you had hardcoded timezone? Try to change timezone on you PC and php.ini and you will see the problem.

  5. admin

    17 Feb 2017 Administrator

    Problem is timezone on the desktop computer and the way jqPlot (chart library), automatically corrects timestamps based on your browser timezone setting. I think I have a version that might fix that, by using absolute dates instead of unix timestamps for the x-axis.

    Contact me via live help and I can provide you with a link for you to test that modification.

    Best regards,

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