transfer + queue status

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi! There is little issue with transfer and status in queue. When operator make transfer, his status in queue becomes green with timer. If nobody answer call, the call is returning back to operator. After this, operator may continue speaking, but his status is still green with timer. But he is busy.

  2. admin

    16 Feb 2017 Administrator

    after a transfer asterisk messes up big time... fop2 reacts to events, if there is no queue event when a call 'comes back' from a transfer, then fop2 won't see it either. Anyways, the timer thing is something that might need fixing, as if the call is trasnferred out and there is an event indicating that the agent became free, then timer should be reset. What transfer are you performing and from where? supervised transfer using fop2 ?

  3. Edited 2 years ago by AlexRS

    It was supervised transfer. The strange - operator becoming green with speaking timer after pressing 'transfer' button...

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