1. 2 years ago

    Hi Nicolas,

    I have extension 4002 and i set 4002 to queue SALES. I set that extension automatic queue login to queue SALES

    My softphone 4002 already register and 4002 already login to queue sales (see pic pic01.png on attachment) so the value AGENT_READY=1 (i think it suitable with call center)

    After i click "Pause Member" on fop2, I see AGENT_READY=0 (pic02.png) --> ( i think it suitable with call center)

    But if i click menu presence (DND, Out Of Lunch,Break,Meeting or Other) ,AGENT_READY value still 1 (pic03 & pic04) , why?

    Can you do that, if I select menu presence except "AVAILABLE" the AGENT_READY become 0?


  2. It would be nice if the wallboard showed the agent as busy if they were DND

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I agree with you, if agent select present status (DND, Out Of Lunch,Break,Meeting or Other) , On call center usually "agent status" is "busy", so extension can't receiving call from queue or from other extension.

    and value "AGENT_READY" full wallboard should be decrease.


  4. admin

    24 Feb 2017 Administrator

    If queue member status on DND is set to busy in Asterisk, FOP2 and wallboard will follow suit. Recent FreePBX versions do this by using hints, they show a queue member as busy when on DND. And as such it should show in FOP2 (but the question there is to know if that agent is really busy or dnd, as there is no factual way to tell if you look only at queue member status, except for the latests asterisk 13 versions where there is an incall=x indicator. Only the latest release of FOP2 does something with that indicator for queue member buttons, and I think it should be reflected in the full walllboard also although I have not tried.

    Best regards,

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