Moving CCSP Database

Is it safe, and how can I move the database records from CCSP v2.0.7 to CCSP v2.1.3?

I have a single site with two (2) systems... 1x old system running CCSP v2.0.7 that has been used for 2x years and is being kept as a cold standby for failover, and 1x new system running CCSP v2.1.3 that is just installed as replacement and being used from now on. In order to avoid licensing issues with failover, each system has it's own activation code.

( I tried to submit using w/ FF, Chrome, & IE... but the new ticket forms simply stays @ "Loading..." with no submission, and you no longer have the online chat :'( )


  • I really do need help...

    How can I go about getting the old data into the new system?

    Do I just import the tables/data that exists; and, will all the fields line up?
    ( v2.0.7's database has only 16x tables, whereas v2.1.3's database has 23x tables )
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